Absen and Clear Channel Partnership Takes Off at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport

Clear Channel have updated their Business Panorama digital network at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport with the installation of two 8.7sqm state-of-the-art Absen N4 LED screens to deliver advertising campaigns from some of the world’s best known brands.  Chosen by Clear Channel International as a trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest airports, Absen is fast emerging as a leading product specialist in the digitisation space.

Completed in 2016, the installation marked another milestone in the relationship between Clear Channel and Absen, with the companies collaborating together for more than three years on projects and product innovations – such as the Absen N Series, developed with airport and retail environments in mind.

Stand-out features such as front installation and service, an ultra slim panel (less than 6cm), noiseless advanced monitoring, image quality, and the uniformity and consistency of the image all set the N4 apart and make it perfectly suited to the modern airport environment. Helsinki joins international airports in Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and tens of locations in the US which all now boast Absen solutions, changing the airport landscape beyond recognition with performance which goes above and beyond a standard LED panel.

With two major industry awards already scooped since its introduction six months ago, the N Series has truly shaken up the DOOH industry with unrivalled features and reliability.

Derek Latham, Digital Solutions Manager at Clear Channel Finland, who oversees the company’s procurement and installation processes from end to end, was impressed by what the Absen N4 had to offer and could bring to the airport environment. “After doing extensive research, we decided to choose Absen LED panels to modernize our line of digital screens at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. We were impressed by the performance, brightness and overall image quality of the screen. This led us to look into some of Absen’s other products and select the best one for our needs.”

Clear Channel Finland Sales Director, Ville Bergman, adds: “The idea was to increase digital formats in Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, replacing the ageing 4×4 digital advertising video wall with new modern advertisement screens.” Two N4 displays, 4.32m w x 2.016m h, 8.71 sqm each, were used, and prime for fast and simple installation, the units were suspended from the ceiling on a tubular steel frame. Working closely with Finavia’s engineers, Clear Channel and Absen were able to determine the best possible solution, with size, weight and load all needing due consideration.

Nacho Perez Borjabad, former Digital Media Manager at Clear Channel International and current Senior Director Advertising Market at Absen Europe, oversaw the Helsinki project, and cites the airport segment as a key part of Absen’s strategic direction. “We are thrilled to have nurtured such a long-standing collaboration with Clear Channel in the airport sector, and take our responsibility to bring outstanding product innovation, unrivalled performance and excellence in customer service to the partnership very seriously. We’re constantly seeking to exceed our clients’ expectations at every turn.”

“The team at Absen has been very helpful from the planning stage and through to installation. With this project, we had a tight turnaround and they were able to fulfil our requirements on time,” Latham remarks. Furthermore, Absen implemented a bespoke service level agreement with Clear Channel to perfectly suit its business needs, including support on installation and configuration, direct access to its technicians, five year warranty on products, a spare parts pool to maintain ongoing operations seamlessly and training both on-site and at its facilities.

“We see the airport segment as the perfect match to Absen’s high quality, cost effective, premium service and continuous customer support,” affirms Borjabad. With continuous monitoring of the media servers online, any fault can be rectified immediately to ensure minimal downtime, and periodic maintenance will be performed in order to secure optimum performance from the N4 in the 24/7 airport environment.

Strategically positioned in high footfall areas where maximum audience reach can be obtained, the N4s provide a premium advertising advantage for Clear Channel Finland’s customers – as well as creating a real “wow” factor at the airport.  Once simply a point of transit, today’s airports are busy hubs looking to offer the best possible experience to their customers, and the N4 sits at the very heart of this transformation.

Pointing to further collaboration between Clear Channel and Absen, Latham further asserts: “We are always looking at new ways to deliver content for our customers across our digital network. It’s what our customers expect from us as the leading DOOH advertising company in Finland.  We are very happy with the N4 screens, and would certainly choose the product again if presented with a similar case.”

Bergman agrees.  “Thus far the Absen N4s have met all our expectations and importantly, those of our advertising clients.” With Clear Channel’s growing portfolio of business in airports, and Absen’s excellence in driving product innovation, top performance and great customer service, it is clear the foundations are laid for a strong ongoing partnership and more exciting projects to come.