Grupo Vela Beach, a company specialising in restaurants and nightlife, has set up in Torrevieja and is rapidly growing its portfolio of businesses with a view to appealing to both long term residents and seasonal tourists.

To ensure that Zona El Parking delivered a fantastic user experience, Grupo Vela Beach commissioned Alicante-based AV installation and events company RVS Audiovisual Services to install the necessary sound and lighting equipment.

“Grupo Vela Beach chose us because we had worked together on other venues previously,” said RVS Director, Ruben Vidal Pinoso. “We have a lot of expertise in carrying out fixed installations, from pubs and discos to multimedia classrooms in schools and training rooms. We can also specify the right sound and lighting equipment for each venue, including loudspeakers, microphones, mixers, spotlights, moving heads and so on.”

Ruben added that the timeframe on this project was tight – the entire installation had to be completed in just three weeks to ensure that the complex was ready for the start of the tourist season.

“To meet the deadline, we knew we needed reliable partners who could deliver the equipment we wanted on time and in good working order. The equipment list was quite extensive and included audio and lighting products, so we chose Equipson as our main manufacturer because they offer a range that covered everything we needed to complete this task,” said Ruben.

Based in Valencia, Equipson SA is a manufacturer and supplier of audio, lighting and installation products, as well as control systems, lifters, trusses, cables and accessories. The company groups most of its audio and lighting products under its WORK PRO marque.

“We choose Equipson for several reasons, not least the quality and price of its products and the security it offered in terms of sales and after-sales service,” Ruben said. “By using products from the WORK PRO range and also including some products from Equipson’s lower-cost MARK brand, we were able to cover the audio and lighting requirements of all but one area of the complex. The only place where we didn’t install a new sound system was in What The Club. This is the site’s disco pub and, in a bid to economise, Grupo Vela Beach asked us to use a 12-speaker V-proof One sound system that they already owned from a different venue. We were happy to do so but we did install a new lighting system that comprised eight MARK Moving Head 195 units and eight MARK multipair units.”

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