Zero 88 and iLight Manufacture for the Future

Zero 88 and iLight have consolidated and streamlined the production facilities and processes at its shared factory in Cwmbran, Wales.

Products from both brands – Zero 88 for entertainment and iLight for architectural / built environments – are fully designed and manufactured in the UK and – proudly – a British industry success story.

Furthermore, with both brands now operating under the Cooper Lighting Solutions umbrella, this recent reorganisation offers complimentary ranges of lighting control solutions for a diversity of projects, scenarios and applications.

Having the fully integrated workspace in Cwmbran means Zero 88 and iLight product volumes can quickly and easily be ramped up and custom projects can be undertaken more cost-effectively, offering all clients better value and service.

With the PCB manufacturing also in house, the shortening of supply chains has become further refined, a move giving Zero 88 and iLight full control, ultimate flexibility and a real edge over the quality control and the complex technologies involved to build their market leading ranges. They also have the capacity to accelerate new product designs and implementation.

The recent increase in production capabilities saw a 17% increase in the workforce last year with new employees taking on numerous roles from production to finance, and several of them being based locally has also been an additional morale boost!

Product Marketing Manager Jon Hole, commented: “All our hardware, firmware and software design and developments in-house equal a large investment in our facilities, local community and the future.”

Having been sister brands for nearly two decades, Zero 88 and iLight are now more closely aligned than ever, and the “stronger together” philosophy is underscored by the recent rationalisation of resources and talent, together with R&D and product development.

Zero 88 will celebrate 50 years of enterprise and product creativity in 2022, a landmark that everyone is relishing. The company’s origins lie right at the essence of the modern ‘production and entertainment technology’ industry and reinforce a great history of innovation in the world of entertainment lighting control solutions.

Numerous and fertile long-term business relationships have been established via a stable and effective international dealer network – chosen for great customer support among other attributes – which constantly ships products to over 90 countries worldwide.

Zero 88 has also provided proper and genuine people-focused customer relations and superlative client service from the get-go, complete with a wide variety of in-person product training and awareness programmes and initiatives to support that approach and maintain another cornerstone of the company’s enduring market presence.

Zero 88 products today are still known for being user friendly and intuitive, designed for new users to quickly get up to speed and more experienced lighting professionals to easily programme complex lighting effects.