Yestech LED Displays and XR, the Future of Film & TV?

With the rapid development of the display industry, innovative elements continue to emerge, driving more application opportunities. XR (Expanded Reality technology) will be widely used in movies, live broadcasts, news, sports and live events, presenting more natural and realistic shooting scenes and immersive experiences. Such cutting-edge technology will bring unprecedented challenges and new life to LED displays.

Through high-quality LED display products, powerful media servers and camera tracking systems, the display medium (LED/projection bowl screen) and the virtual scene can track the camera’s perspective in real time, synthesise with the real shooting picture in front of the camera lens, and create a sense of infinite space.

Using XR technology, the performance design team can cover the real world outside the LED live screen in real time, and complete intuitive expansion processing.

High-contrast, high colour reproduction, low-brightness and high-grey technology can enhance the sense of hierarchy and vividness, which can easily cope with the whole tracking and shooting of the camera. The captured image must display the details and information clearly, without omissions.

When the camera is shooting at various angles, ultra-wide viewing angles ensure that the screen quality is not lost due to angle changes and real-time mapping the spatial relationship between characters and scenes. Real-time presenting and outputs a virtual scene without blind spots.

High refresh rate ensures that no reflected light spots appear on the surface of the screen.

Adapting to the different brightness of the virtual studio scene, also means better displaying performance.

Low latency, real-time monitoring helps synchronous switching of any signal.

The LED display series with full view angle, high definition and high refresh from Yestech includes: indoor MG6S Series (P2.6/P1.9375 and GOB dance floor), outdoor MG7S Pro series P3.9, outdoor MG7S-T series P3.9 and its compatible dance floor screens.

The shooting scene is generated by a three-dimensional LED screen, the conventional pictures, 360° panoramic pictures and videos, three-dimensional models, and external camera signals can be converted into studio, and realising free switching of scenes at any time.

The bracket characteristics of MG series floor and main screen install fast, smoothly and safe.

Splicing server H series or master control MCTRL1600 from Nova are feasible, as well as virtual production server and rendering server from Hecoos.

Compared with the traditional green screen technology in virtual studio shooting, the combination of XR technology and LED screen allows the director to directly experience the real-time images on the spot, shortening the work flow, greatly reducing the workload of the later stage, and increasing the production efficiency. At the same time, it can create more magical scenes and realise the shooting of large scenes in a small space according to the director’s needs.

XR technology and LED screens are mutually empowering, leading the innovative development of immersive technology and LED displays. It will become the wind vane of virtual production in the film and TV industry.