YES TECH let the immersive experience begin at ISE

YES TECH will be appearing at Integrated Systems Europe 2024 (ISE) with the theme of screen meets infinite imagination.

Four Main Display Solutions

  • Rental Staging Solution: The staging rental area will present the new product MG9 Series, which has the excellent performance of our MG7S but with strong anti-collision ability and high stability. Combined with MG11 P2.9 to dazzles people with wonderful visual effect.
  • Creative-shaped Rental Solution: To make the stage more eye-catching and memorable, MG common cabinets in combination with MG Creative-Extended Series can create various shapes such as letter, numbers, heart,etc., to make the displays better applied and promoted. High-end
  • Conference Solution: YES TECH provides the Mnano II Series which used the new upgraded COB flip technology will play a significant role in conference, providing visual enhancements and facilitating better communication and engagement. With cold screen touch and low consumption to turn the Mnano to a perfect choice for indoor activities.
  • Outdoor Advertising Solution: As the outdoor application for fixed installation, Mview series P3.3 on the scene can be the first choice of outdoor high-definition advertisement. It can enhance visual clarity and improve resolution for closer viewing distance, delivering an immersive experience.

The Launches of New Products
The MG9 Series with increased load-bearing capacity and tensile strength which can be more reliable and stable. Features increased LED’s thrust and optimized edge distance which can cover 100% indoor and outdoor rental applications, also for floor tiles. MT series is a new member of our rental products. As a transparent screen, it is lightweight and slim with more than 40% transparent rate. Also supporting splicing of ±10°inner and outer arcs and with the characteristics of high refresh rate and brightness, which can bring a wonderful viewing experience.

Booth No.3B550
Time: January 30, 2024 – February 2, 2024
Location: FIRA Barcelona, Gran Vía