Mexican eco theme park Xcaret invests in ADJ

Each evening, visitor attraction Xcaret hosts a theatrical production titled Xcaret México Espectacular, a two-hour presentation filled with drama, song, and dance. The park’s venue for this presentation is the spectacular Gran Tlachco Theatre, which has undergone renovation to replace its outdated projector systems with 500 units of AV41P panels from ADJ.

Because of the 360-degree seating in the theatre, a system was devised featuring four separate screens, arranged as a cube, which allows audience members to view the video content from all sides of the arena. While the integration of video into the show was a success, the use of projectors in the theatre proved to be extremely problematic.

“Our old projector system also involved a lot of waste. We were regularly having to buy new lamps and throw away the old ones. As we are a sustainable company, we don’t like to have to throw away things like batteries or lamps,” revealed José Manuel Rodríguez Vázquez, Technical Manager at the park. 

To commit to a more sustainable and efficient system, the venue’s team decided to install LED video panels. They selected ADJ’s AV4IP panels and placed an order for 500 units. These were used to construct four large rectangular displays to replace the previous canvas screens in the central video cube. This new system provided a significant increase in brightness as well as a host of other benefits.

One of the reasons the AV4IP was chosen is its IP-rated enclosure; since the theatre is partially open to the elements, heavy rain can soak the venue. The panels’ IP-rated design means that this does not present an issue to their reliable operation, nor does humidity or regular high temperatures.

The visual impact of the installation was another bonus for the theatre’s team; Erwin Nava, Head of Video at the park, explained: “The quality of the image increased, and now you can see the LED screens perfectly from any point in the venue. Our main desire was to increase the experience of the tourists with better image quality. And we have done it. I think the LED screens have helped to raise the public’s excitement a little bit.”

“One of the reasons we chose ADJ over all the other vendors was because of the response time of its Technical Service. We present this show every day, so we needed the response from our suppliers to match our needs,” stated Vázquez, confirming that ADJ provides this necessary support. 

Vázquez concluded: “In general, the service we have received has been excellent, from the first contact to the delivery of the gear. So, thank you very much to ADJ. Hopefully, we will continue to be good partners in the future and we will see what comes next!”