YES TECH Fuels 2023 F1 passion and beyond

The 2023 Spanish Grand Prix, marked by its roaring engines and screeching tires, has wrapped up in Barcelona, etching a lasting impression on racing fans. However, it was the innovative technology with YES TECH’s ES Series, that truly electrified the season.

The ES Outdoor Series showcased a super-efficient energy-saving design. With a maximum reduction of 60% in energy consumption compared to common LED displays, this innovation not only contributed to environmental conservation but also ensured prolonged service life to save more costs.

F1 races demand nothing short of the ultimate display brilliance, and the ES Outdoor Series delivered just that. The TDR fine texture treatment of the mask eliminated direct exposure and bright surface structures, achieving an ultra-high contrast. Combined with a 3840 HZ refresh rate and high brightness, it offers excellent clarity and vibrant colours which make it perfect for 3D Naked Eye Screen, city landmarks, outdoor ads, outdoor stadiums, highway toll stations, etc.

To support the stable function of the scoreboard to accurately record every racer’s performance, the ES series incorporates a large-scale heat-dissipation structure, enhancing safety and reliability. With a high IP65 protection level, high UV grade, and strong anti-corrosion capabilities, the product is well-equipped to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring a secure and dependable performance.

The ES Series offers a variety of size options, and cabinets of different sizes can be seamlessly connected. It features a customized 90-degree right-angle cabinet and supports arch splicing up to a maximum of 15 degrees, allowing for the creation of diverse shapes. For added convenience, only need to change the modules to realize the replacement of different pixel pitch. The ES Series supports both front and rear maintenance, and the power box can be disassembled independently for increased convenience.

As YES TECH reflect on the success of the ES Outdoor Series in the F1 2023 season, YES TECH will continue to be a part of the racing world. Set to empower the June 2024 racing event, YES TECH remains dedicated to innovation, delivering captivating visual experiences, and contributing to the electrifying atmosphere of F1 races.