Yeomkwang Church Enhances Installs a Complete HARMAN Professional Solutions Audio System

Yeomkwang Church recently partnered with TechDataPS to install a state-of-the-art HARMAN Professional Solutions audio system.

Founded in 1946, Yeomkwang Church belongs to the Presbyterian Church of Korea. One of the oldest Christian houses of worship in Geoje—which is located in South Gyeongsang province—Yeomkwang Church is a massive 117,790 square-foot facility that consists of a Vision Center and a main hall. The church recently decided to upgrade their existing sound system with a modern solution capable of delivering crystal-clear sermons and musical performances. The church hired TechDataPS to design and implement an end-to-end sound system with enhanced sound quality and ease of use. To meet the client’s requirements and stay within budget, TechDataPS selected a range of advanced JBL speakers, Soundcraft mixers, Crown power amplifiers, dbx processors, and AKG microphones.

Throughout the venue, TechDataPS installed a range of JBL professional speakers. Versatile JBL VT4886 loudspeakers, high-powered AM7215/64 loudspeakers and compact VT4883 subwoofers provide crystal-clear sound in the main hall. Chosen for its compact design, TechDataPS fitted a VTX M20 as the pastor monitor speaker and selected a JRX212 as the stage monitor speaker. For the choir, a CBT50LA-1 loudspeaker was installed to provide highly directional sound, while an AC18/26 loudspeaker was introduced in the upper balcony to provide maximum bandwidth. Additionally, a CONTROL 14C/T full-range ceiling speaker was fitted in the baby room so families, children and their caretakers can still experience sermons and the choir.

The setup also features Soundcraft Vi1000 mixing consoles and Vi Stageboxes, which are routed to front-of-house via redundant analog and digital AES/EBU connections to ensure reliable audio. The system is powered by Crown IT4x3500HDS, DCi 2|600N, and DCi 8|300N amplifiers and is networked using BSS BLU Link technology, a high-bandwidth, low-latency audio bus that operates via AES.

To ensure crystal-clear audio with even distribution, the speakers were configured using dbx equalization and speaker management systems. At the church’s request, TechDataPS provided dbx PMC16 personal monitor systems, which enable performers to create their own custom monitor mixes using up to 16 channels of audio. The system is powered by Crown IT4x3500HD and DCi 2|600N amplifiers via BLU Link integration.

To deliver exceptional speech and vocal clarity, TechDataPS equipped the main hall of the church with world-class AKG microphones. This setup included an AKG C214 large-diaphragm condenser microphone for the choir, a C214 for stage rigging, a Drum Set Session I microphone package, a PZM6 D high-performance hemispherical boundary layer microphone and D5 CS handheld microphones.

TechDataPS installed JBL AM5215/95/ASB6115 loudspeakers and subwoofers to deliver full-range sound throughout the middle chapel. An EON612 multipurpose self-powered PA speaker was installed as the pastor monitor speaker, and a JRX212 was chosen as the stage monitor. Soundcraft Si Impact mixing consoles control the system, which is powered by Crown CDi DriveCcore 4|600 and CDi DriveCore 2|1200 power amplifiers.

The other rooms of the church were fitted with JBL EON615 speakers and Soundcraft Signature and EPM Series consoles. JBL Control 14C/T speakers were installed in the café for background music and announcements. The system is controlled using a Soundcraft EPM6 mixer, and powered by Crown XLi800 amplifiers.

“Unique places of worship like Yeomkwang Church require a powerful, dynamic audio solution, allowing sermons and performances to resonate with visitors,” said Amar Subash, Director, Channel Management & Audio Solutions, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank our partner TechDataPS for meeting the client’s unique requirements and delivering clear, intelligible sound for sermons and worship experiences.”