WorldStage Appointed as disguise Certified Solution Provider

disguise has welcomed WorldStage to the disguise Certified Solution Provider (CSP) worldwide network.

The disguise Certified Solution Provider Program is designed for systems integration partners, to resell disguise products and services to end customers as part of their differentiated solution. Under this program, CSPs manage, service and support end customers directly.

Established almost four decades ago, WorldStage maintains a legacy of providing clients with the widest variety of entertainment technology coupled with conscientious and creative engineering services. WorldStage operates in multiple markets throughout the US supplying creative solutions for audio, video and lighting equipment and services to Broadway productions, art installations, television shows, touring productions and high-end corporate meetings and events. Television and entertainment projects include integration for studios such as Fox, NBC, ESPN and MTV as well as rentals and sales for shows including ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,’ ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Penn and Teller, the NHL Draft, Blizzcon, EA Sports and eSports events.

“We are thrilled to have WorldStage as a Certified Solution Provider in North America. We have a long-standing relationship and are very pleased to be developing this further. It is an exciting time for us at disguise seeing how Worldstage will develop and implement us into new spaces, especially utilising the new workflow tools that will be on show at NAB, that we are developing for TV & Broadcast industry.” said Hans Beijer, VP Key Accounts at disguise.

“Our partnership with disguise reinforces the reputation WorldStage has earned for being the industry’s leading provider of innovative solutions,” said Gary Standard, WorldStage President & CEO. “We choose to work with the very best people and equipment and, just as importantly, with companies willing to collaborate with us to optimise their offerings to meet clients’ needs. disguise fits all of those requirements.”

WorldStage was one of disguise’s first collaborators and has been working with the company since its inception. “Becoming a CSP enhances our expertise in all aspects of the video business with the support of our long-standing relationship with disguise,” said TJ Donoghue, WorldStage Director of Integration and Engineering. “Each of our companies has its strengths, and when we partner together we create a synergy that benefits the client and drives WorldStage and disguise to innovative and exciting results.”

TJ noted that: “Our newly minted CSP is a true stamp of approval from our respected colleagues at disguise. The more we can collaborate with brilliant companies, the more we can innovate and create unique experiences for our clients.”

The disguise product line has long been a preferred solution for many WorldStage projects.
“disguise never settles – the company provides great hardware, operational flexibility and
unparalleled support,” said TJ. “They are always improving products with upgrades and
add-ons and the ability to scale the workflow for each project and offer a flexible solution for jobs big and small is priceless to us.”