Wooridle Church Upgrades Sound with Allen & Heath

Wooridle Church upgrades with Allen and Heath, dLive and SQ digital mixing systems.

Wooridle Church, located in the Pangyo district of Seongnam City near Seoul, South Korea recently upgraded its newly built, multi-purpose chapel with Allen and Heath, dLive and SQ digital mixing systems.

In 2015, the Church decided to extend its six-level property with a further two floors, in order to accommodate its 5,000 worshippers. The multi-functional, 550-seat venue was unveiled in April 2018 and was built specifically for wedding ceremonies, events and church retreats.

Designed and supplied by Sama Sound, the set-up includes a dLive S5000 surface on FOH, accompanied by a DM48 MixRack and Dante card. Additionally, a ME-U Hub is connected to the dLive, which distributes audio to six ME-1 personal mixing systems that are used by the band. The system also utilises dLive’s Shure wireless integration across eight input channels.

Dooyoung Lee, a sound engineer at the Church explained, “I love mixing with dLive, the custom fader strips, super intuitive user interface and various options for dynamics and FX are perfect for any type of engineer, as it allows you to create your own unique mix.”

The control room features an SQ-5, which is connected to dLive and used for the audio broadcast mix that’s sent to other rooms in the building. Chief sound engineer at Wooridle, Doeksoo Lim explains, “We chose the SQ because of its ability to be connected to the dLive system via a single Cat5 cable. It’s very simple and convenient to set up and is the newest compact digital mixer on the market with the best specs.”

Doeksoo added, “With the size of our new venue and number of inputs and outputs needed, this set-up suits our needs perfectly. dLive has a great sound and the compression and EQ features are of a very high quality. Also, by using the Dante card, we can now record any events or services straight from the console.”