White Light Appointed Production Partner at Illuminate

Situated on Levels 4 and 5 of the Science Museum, Illuminate is a progressive new venue designed to both anticipate and surpass the needs of the ever-evolving events industry. The venue will couple state-of-the-art technology with flexible spaces and stunning views of the City, offering both a unique and productive experience for all clients. Due to its long-standing relationship with the Science Museum, along with its reputation for managing similar venues across London, White Light was appointed Production Partner at Illuminate and has designed and installed the technical system within the space.

The installation was overseen by WL’s Project Manager Jason Larcombe. He explained: “We were approached by the Science Museum who came to us with their vision for the space and what they wanted to achieve. They wanted both an intuitive and user-friendly system that can reach the demands of any client; covering everything from the biggest conferences to more intimate events. It was our task to draw on our experience of managing other venues, alongside our technical knowledge, to select a range of products that were bespoke to Illuminate and could fulfil the Science Museum’s vision.”

This included d&b Y-Series amplifiers and speakers, whose portability means they can be moved around the space and offer a solution bespoke to each event. Yamaha QL1 Series desks were chosen for their reliability, portable control and the fact that they are the go-to desk for the majority of technicians and operators. These are run on the Dante network, allowing additional resources to be easily integrated to suit a client’s requirements. 

Shure receivers have been chosen due to the fact they are an industry leader in radio microphone transmission. Shure radio microphones were called upon for their extraordinary audio clarity alongside the fact they also sit on the Dante network. JBL has been used for ceiling speakers, ensuring a basic audio coverage across the space that can be zoned to suit varying room formats.

Four 13K Christie projectors were chosen due to the incredible projection they provide, along with the fact that they are incredibly quiet and compact. Panasonic screens offer superior picture quality along with robustness and reliability; something which is vital when they are used on multiple events. Crestron NVX controls all of the lighting and AV set-ups, allowing the space to be managed by one integrated system.

Jason commented: “Everything we’ve chosen for Illuminate is industry-recognised and the type of product you would expect to find in a premium events venue. We also wanted to draw on equipment that would be completely reliable and offer maximum impact. Ultimately, if you draw on products from leading manufacturers, you are guaranteed a certain level of quality – something we want all clients using Illuminate to experience.”

A lot of the equipment used within the space is also a continuation of WL’s relationships with the manufacturers and the company’s commitment to investing in the very latest technology. Jason explained: “A lot of the products match those we already have in our extensive hire inventory, meaning clients will be able to resource an entire production internally; a system which has proved extremely useful for our other managed venues. It also allows Illuminate to remain competitive as a venue as it is completely flexible and can change quite significantly; dependent on the client’s needs.”

Ben Lheureux, Head of Catering and Events at the Science Museum Group, commented: “Knowing first-hand of WL’s impressive record of delivering innovative and creative technical solutions in a range of venues, we knew they were the perfect production partner for Illuminate. We are delighted with the technical set-up they have designed and know it will offer our clients an events package that simply isn’t available anywhere else.”

WL Director Richard Wilson added: “We are very proud of our long-standing relationship with the Science Museum. As two technology-focused organisations, we felt we could very much add value to Illuminate for their incoming venue clients and cannot wait to showcase this brilliant space following the official launch in January 2019.”

Jason concluded: “Illuminate is a prime example of how we are truly able to offer a partnership to venues. We don’t want to simply supply equipment but also our expertise and on-going support to work closely with the client to ensure we provide an exact solution which fulfils their vision. The result is a truly unique package and, as we continue to expand our managed venues portfolio, we look forward to working with a range of venues to offer the production support bespoke to their needs.”