White Light and partners deliver digital state-of-the-industry presentation to Rose Bruford College graduating Class of 2020

Technical solutions specialist White Light (WL) recently hosted an exclusive digital session for the 2020 graduates of Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, in collaboration with key industry partners. Senior representatives from disguise, Royal Albert Hall and The Society of British Theatre Designers remotely joined the panel for the insight and Q&A discussion, delivered from WL’s SmartStage studio in London.

The session aimed to inspire the next generation of skilled creatives starting their careers at this unsettling time of COVID-19. The panel explored some of the new opportunities arising from the different corners of the industry, as businesses are adapting and pivoting their services due to the pandemic. A key theme was the rapid advance we have seen in recent months, immersing everyone even further into a digital world of work, communication and collaboration. The unanimous message conveyed hope and reassurance that exciting opportunities lie ahead for the graduates, as the resilient and highly adaptable creative industry begins to recover.

Bryan Raven, WL’s Managing Director comments: “We felt it very important to engage with the graduating students at this time, to share insight into the different ways our industry is preparing for recovery and re-invention. Developing creative multi-skills has never been more important as technology continues to evolve and we have all seen how this can elevate the potential for digital communication across sectors. We are grateful to our supporting partners for sharing invaluable expertise and guidance for their respective disciplines, enabling us to provide a rounded account of the state-of-the-industry.”

Peter Kirkup, Global Technical Solutions Manager at disguise added: “In these challenging times it’s easy to see how graduating students could be faced with tough decisions coming out of their courses. It was great to have the opportunity to speak with the students about how innovative technologies such as disguise xR are providing fresh opportunities for our industry during the COVID-19 situation, allowing them to cross-apply their skills and learn new technologies.”

Mark Simpson, Academic Programme Manager at Rose Bruford concluded: “We are grateful to White Light for giving our graduating students the opportunity to engage with emerging thinking. They are going out into an uncertain industry in an uncertain world, however discussions like this offer hope that there will be opportunities, even if these opportunities are not what graduates originally expected. So the advice is to take these opportunities, build networks and develop skills. Be ready… the world is changing fast!”