Whistle Sportsbar Utilise Dnp Screens

Whistle Sportsbar

Tasked with providing 4K resolution live sport wherever possible at the Whistle Sportsbar and Grill, in Mannheim, Germany. Working with COMM-TEC, German AV specialist, epicto, came up with a solution based on four 120-inch dnp Supernova Blade Screens.

Meeting the client brief to provide a first class viewing experience for patrons meant that epicto had to firstly solve a number of problems; a relatively low and somewhat cluttered ceiling, numerous sources of ambient light, minimal space for projectors and a demand for multiple wide viewing zones.

Dnp’s seven-layer technology had the bright, high-contrast, high-definition images that Whistle Sportsbar wanted – images that delivered startling impact even in bright lighting. Whistle now have 20 screens controlled by a 64×64 crosspoint digital media matrix, offering patrons a huge choice of live, fast-moving sports in HD.

Screens are strategically located around the venue, but the main screen is the CUBE, featuring the dnp Supernova Blades. The array of large screens above the bar gives everyone at Whistle Sportsbar the option to enjoy the same view simultaneously, whatever nearby screens are showing.

A spokesperson at epicto said: “The great shared experience that sport fans appreciate is made even more involving thanks to dnp Supernova Blade Screens.”

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