W1 Productions Installs Martin Audio in Studio 88

Studio 88

Studio 88 – the 350-seat restaurant – has opened the ‘non-stop, audience requested, live music experience’. The venue features a stage equipped with a premium Martin Audio sound system, installed by W1 Productions, using a variety of the company’s components and control.

Every night two piano vocalists and accompanying musicians form a 6-piece band who play a non-stop repertoire of music through the Martin Audio system. This was decided only by the customers.

Operations Manager, Alan Beck said: “I have always been a Martin Audio person, and so it was a no brainer to specify the brand.”

Martin Audio designed a stage system based on the venue’s extremely low ceiling height. Two Martin Audio XD12’s, are accompanied by four CDD8’s in a pelmet line, projecting the sound forward towards the main dancefloor. Low frequency extension is provided by three Professional Martin Audio S18 bins, and a further CSX112 sub.

W1 Productions MD, Stuart Turvill put the design together after visiting – founder of The House of Song venue – Alan Lorrimer’s other venue — The Piano Works in Farringdon. The Studio 88 venue was previously a basement nightclub that had closed down. “Since it is a basement, the obvious challenges were the low ceiling height,” explained Alan Beck

“We had to make it as unobtrusive and flexible as possible. The long rectangular shape of the building, with reflective surfaces and lots of little alcoves coming off it, was another problem we had to contend with,” added Alan Beck.

Alan Beck continued: “From a physical perspective this design fitted perfectly, and the XD12’s provide plenty of ‘grunt’. With the S18’s stage left and right, and a third at the rear of the bar, we have achieved uniform distribution throughout the main performance area.

“As for the CDD’s, we really like these — for their size they are extremely powerful and a very nice sounding box.”

All channel presets are stored in a pair of Professional Martin Audio DX0.5 system controllers. With clarity taking precedence over excessive volume, the system has been expertly balanced and fine tuned by the The House of Song’s Senior Sound Technician, Tom Wheatley and W1 Productions sound engineer, Lawrence Chichon.

Alan Beck said: “This installation proves that you should never be afraid to mix boxes up. The XD and CDD form a perfect combination.”

Tom concluded: “We are extremely pleased with the Martin Audio equipment that has been installed at the venue. It responds well to our needs, providing clarity for both our live music and DJ requirements. The system offers great quality at the price point and we are happy to give positive reviews for the money invested.”