VUE Provides Education and Sound Solutions at Church Sound University

Church Sound University (CSU) is a multi-city event bringing a wealth of knowledge to those seeking to learn the basics of audio production. VUE is proud to support CSU in its effort to help improve the knowledge, skills, and production techniques so that attendees can attain consistent sonic quality at every worship service and event.

The curriculum has been specifically tailored to focus on the KEY essentials for church tech teams, including sessions that provide understanding key sound system components from microphones, loudspeakers, and mixing consoles, along with technologies like RF wireless and networking. They also offer instruction to improve skills for mixing, EQ, micing, recording, webcasting, and overall electrical safety.

Taft Avenue Community Church in Orange, CA, hosted the first CSU training event. The mixing course presented by Samantha Potter was conducted in the main sanctuary at Taft. It featured al-4 acoustic linearity subcompact line arrays pole-mounted on each side with an hs-20 subwoofer on the floor to cover the low-end. Samantha demonstrated mixing basics through the al-4 system. The unique clarity of the Beryllium high-frequency drivers shined as she showed the audible effects of various EQ adjustments on a solo female vocal. Samantha also used a VUE hm-108a stage monitor positioned on the floor for monitoring her mixing instructions.

In a separate room, James Stoffo walked attendees through the world of wireless microphone technology. This room featured a single hm-108a pole-mounted. Fidelity was again important despite the smaller room. The hm-108a performed wonderfully when demonstrating different wireless microphones from handheld dynamic microphones to cardioid lavaliere. Stoffo presented tools and tips to aid in wireless frequency management and optimising reception. He also covered microphone placement, transmitter, and receiver placement for optimal performance.

In the larger room, Mike Sokol covered the basics of microphones and loudspeakers. Mike described the basics of Point Source Loudspeakers and Line Arrays. VUE’s House of Worship Sales Engineer, Brandon Rinas, was on-hand to assist with details about line array applications. To aid in visualising how loudspeakers function, VUE provided internally illuminated cut-a-way al-4 and h-12 loudspeakers so everyone could see inside the loudspeaker enclosure. The systems featured cut-a-way internal drivers to help understand how each part of the loudspeaker worked. Mike addressed the crowd through a pair of h-8 compact high definition loudspeakers. The clarity was impeccable and essential when Mike demonstrated the polar pattern response of various microphones. The attendees could clearly hear when Sokol spoke into a microphone correctly and detect the most subtle loss in clarity when he demonstrated improper microphone use.

VUE’s Brandon Rinas was inundated with questions, comments, and demo requests from various church representatives during the coffee and lunch breaks. Brandon was impressed with how many people interacted during the courses and posed questions to him regarding audio solutions. “It was apparent most had attended CSU because they needed to improve the sonic quality at their church. A lot of people work as volunteers and have little knowledge of the gear they have at their church. The education CSU provides is invaluable for everyone; now, they have the basic knowledge to achieve great sound and troubleshoot common audio problems when they arise.” 

The Orange, CA training was the first of six Church Sound University sessions scheduled across the country. VUE will be at all five of the remaining events.