VUE Gets a Slice of the Action

When Vaterland in Oslo set out to retrofit a once-popular pizza joint, they tapped Oslo-based avon to design a system that would deliver an impressive audio experience. Based on the success of several recent h-class installs, avon specified an all-VUE system for the club anchored by the new, low vertical profile h-208 high-definition system. Subsonic frequencies enhanced by the great hs-221 dual infra sub.

The club opened on Friday, April 13th in a three-story 1700s-era building, which happened to be one of the City’s first pizzerias in the early 1970s. Billed as a “Pizza, Craft beer, Rock, Punk and Metal venue,” Vaterland’s first floor and outdoor seating area house the brewpub and pizzeria, while the second-floor functions as an intimate 100-person live-performance venue complete with a 160-square-foot “dive-bar stage.”

According to Fritz Pettersen who oversees booking, public relations and marketing the VUE system has quickly become a key marketing tool. “Having VUE in the house has made everything from booking shows to impressing visiting sound engineers, easier. Plus, if you read our reviews, you’ll see that the live sound at the venue is already one of our strongest selling points. Altogether, the VUE system is helping to ensure we stand out of the crowd and keep our crowds on their feet.”

The avon-designed system included 2 self-powered h-208 configured in a stereo setup as mains with just one hs-221 dual infrasonic subwoofer; with 4 a-12 full-range systems as stage monitors. And in keeping with avon’s commitment to fast turnaround with on-hand inventory and a pool of licensed installers, they designed, delivered and installed the system within 48 hours of receipt of the order.

“We continue to see a promising shift in the strategic importance venue owners place on audio,” explained avon’s co-founder Edgar Andraa Lien. “When designed thoughtfully and integrated into a business plan, a good audio system can be a key success driver in the live sound and hospitality space. Venue after venue, VUE has proven it is the ideal system to deliver the kind of world-class, highly reliable audio that elevates the stature of the venues that use it.”