EAW Embraces Independence Under New Ownership

Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has announced that the recent purchase of the company by the Italy-based RCF Group, continues to bolster sales, product innovation, development and support.

“The announcement of our acquisition has served to not only excite our expanding customer base but also inspire interest from companies serving market categories that have been neglected for some time,” explained T.J. Smith, EAW president. “We have a strong and knowledgeable sales team in place that is working hard to further our presence in the industry with great success. With the RCF Group behind us, I can’t imagine a brighter future.”

EAW’s Adaptive loudspeakers are an example of what can be developed when working with a team that is dedicated to advancing the industry through state-of-the-art technology. Many notable sound companies have embraced Adaptive systems and the business it has added to their bottom lines. Anderson Audio, Sound Image, Mix3, Blackhawk Audio, Live Space, Ic9, Service Solutions AV, TMG Group and McNally Enterprises are just a few of the companies experiencing the advantage of Adaptive products — the loudspeakers series that can change coverage patterns at the touch of a button.

“The type of advanced thinking that created Adaptive is alive and well in Whitinsville,” added T.J. “We are looking forward to seeing where products like Adaptive and RADIUS can lead us and the industry. It is an exciting time for our company.”

RADIUS, introduced in 2017, provides industry professionals with an intelligent and sophisticated family of loudspeakers for both portable and permanent installation applications. RADIUS brings EAW’s signature acoustical design prowess and technologies like EAW Focusing and DynO to a new powered and processed platform that integrates Dante networking and iOS-based prediction, control and monitoring.

“Adding EAW to the RCF Group will allow fast and solid growth while encouraging the development of innovative new products and technologies,” said Arturo Vicari, CEO of RCF Group. “This is what the company has built its successful 40+ year history upon.”

“With the support of RCF our potential is infinite,” concluded T.J. “We owe thanks to so many – to those that have helped to build the company to where it is today, to the companies that have continued to support our products – the list is long. We have a very bright future in front of us and welcome you along for the ride.”