Void Acoustics produces artistic audio for Helm Art Gallery

Helm Gallery, Brighton; photo credit to Matt James Photography.

Contemporary art venue, Helm Gallery, resides in Brighton’s cultural centre of North Laine. Within the gallery, an extensive selection of art is complemented by a Void Acoustics system to further entertain patrons. 

Co-owners Luke Davis and Eden Maseyk appointed Marquee AV to provide a stylish music system which would enhance, but not detract from, the key focus of the space – the art adorning the walls. The sound system also needed to be versatile, helping to create the perfect ambience for day or night time events, including exhibitions and parties. 

Mark Brown, managing director of Marquee AV, explained: “Void Acoustics were the perfect fit for the aesthetic and atmosphere of this great art gallery. Void’s ultra-compact Cyclone 4s were ideal for the architecture of the space, as well as producing fantastic sound quality.”  

Furthermore, the gallery has been designed as a modern white space with all fittings blending invisibly into the surround. To suit the venue design, Marquee AV provided white fibreglass cases for the speakers. 

With a clear project specification, the installation was a smooth and efficient process. The team ensured that the Cyclone 4s were positioned to offer excellent sound distribution. Further ensuring crisp, high-quality sound, the speakers are supported by Venu 112 V2 subwoofers for extra bass output.

Upon witnessing the results, Maseyk stated: “The team at Marquee AV were incredible and the sound system they have installed sounds beautiful – it sets the tone perfectly for our gallery.  For our evening events, the audio helps elevate the experience for our guests.”   

Maseyk then concluded: “The addition of audio helps to bring the art, and our vision for Helm Gallery, to life.”