Robert Juliat support transition of Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse to LED

Salle Gémier, by Yoann Fitoussi.

Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse, is currently renovating its Salle Jean Vilar. The work is part of a dual drive to improve energy consumption and modernise stage design tools, including the replacement of existing lighting fixtures to ensure an early and carefully considered transition to LED technologies. 

The theatre’s lighting equipment consists of a large number of conventional Robert Juliat fixtures, including the popular series of 1kW 600SX halogen profiles. Since the beginning of 2023, some of these halogen profiles have been converted to LED using RJ Sully modules, chosen in a fixed warm white version (650SX WW) and also in a 4-colour version (650SX 4C).

Florence Salino, the theatre’s head of electrical services, stressed: “We attach great importance to improving our technical equipment in line with an eco-responsible approach. To do this, we are carefully studying all the technical solutions currently available, so that we can support this transition with full knowledge of the facts.”

Salino continued: “Initially, we’ve started this process with the Sully modules, which are perfectly in tune with current environmental issues. They mean we don’t have to throw away quality equipment that is still in perfect working order. What’s more, having the choice of sourcing locally is a criteria dear to our values.”

The Sully profiles have been installed in the Salle Gémier. Their optical qualities and performance replace their halogen predecessors in every respect, with lower energy consumption. These modules were recommended and supplied by So What & Co, an authorised Robert Juliat distributor.

Those profiles converted to colour LEDs (Sully 4C) incorporate the RJ Color operating system, which offers comprehensive colour management. This gives users complete freedom to configure their luminaires to suit their working habits and needs. In addition to a CCT setting from 1700K to 10000K and 300 gel references in its memory, RJ Color gives access to controls for Delta UV, transmission, saturation and virtual gel transition time. It is also possible to work in direct colours (RGB, CIE X Y or HSB), to favour quality or brightness depending on the mode chosen, or to vary white and colours according to intensity, like a tungsten source to simulate the filament.

The Sully modules are a significant point in Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse’s journey of eco-friendliness.