Void Acoustics premieres Cyclone 4 at ISE

Void Acoustics has announced the launch of the Cyclone 4 loudspeaker.   

This welcome addition to the popular IP-55 rated Cyclone series perfectly complements its fellow products in the range, offering a smaller, compact solution for outdoor venues and entertainment spaces.

The Cyclone 4 offers additional versatility as a solution where a lower sound level is required compared to the Cyclone 55, and Alex Skan, Managing Director of Void Acoustics is delighted to be presenting it.

The Cyclone 4 is an important development for the hugely successful Cyclone series. Void Acoustics are delighted to be launching this much anticipated addition to the range, at a time when the audio market is flourishing once again.

The compact design of the Cyclone 4 means this product is also well positioned for deployment into indoor spaces including restaurants and hotels, and even domestic applications.

“We fully expect the flexible nature of this product to be well received into its core market, but to also introduce the Void Acoustics brand into new markets where the design aesthetic and audio excellence of our products is currently less well known,” explains Alex.

As with all Void products, the compact ABS enclosure permits optional colour customisation to perfectly complement the design of the space where the Cyclone 4 is being deployed.

Void Acoustics anticipates the Cyclone 4 being specified into a wide range of applications worldwide, and quickly becoming one of their high-volume products.

Alex summarises: “The welcome return of the ISE trade show in its new location in Barcelona is the perfect place for us to re-connect with our existing clients and meet future customers and we couldn’t be prouder to be showcasing this product at the show.”