Verse, the high-end supper club recently opened by GRAMMY Award-winning mix engineer Manny Marroquin, Michelin-star chef Paul Shoemaker and hospitality veteran Rob Ciancimino, is no ordinary venue. The restaurant leverages Manny’s Larrabee Sound Studios, located next door, to place patrons in the acoustic ambience of a recording studio alongside the latest audio technology, including a Solid State Logic Live L300 mixing console at FOH and a Meyer Sound Constellation acoustics system including a direct reinforcement system based on ULTRA-X40 point source loudspeakers.

“Larrabee has a rich, amazing history with Solid State Logic,” said Manny Marroquin, a nine-time GRAMMY-winner whose worked with the likes of Kanye West. The multi-room complex was the first in Los Angeles to install an SSL console, in 1979. Larrabee is currently outfitted with three SSL XL 9000K Series and two SSL Duality desks.

“Meyer Sound is one of the most amazing companies in the industry, too, from John and Helen on down,” continued Manny. “Their team came up with the complete plan, first controlling the room’s physical acoustics with 28 custom Libra panels on the walls and bass traps overhead. From that baseline we introduced Constellation, which gave us the ability to dial in just the right amount of liveliness by creating a controlled, immersive environment. That is obviously music to my ears!”

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