Van Damme in Vietnam’s Tan Thinh Church

Using exclusively Van Damme cable supplied by VDC Trading in London, AVE ASTS-Series column speakers have been installed in the Tan Thinh Church in the Hoc Mon District of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, as part of a construction project that saw the demolition and complete renovation of the worship venue in the effort to accommodate a larger congregation.

QV Sound worked alongside the project management team during the construction phase to establish optimum speaker positions and cable runs, as well as providing audio equipment from which the entire sound system installation can be controlled.

The high demand of speech intelligibility requires a high transparency of audio signal. The entire sound system equipment is connected by Van Damme cabling and Neutrik connectors to ensure the spoken words are heard naturally and clearly.

The main worship area features four ASTS-1060 column speakers, with a pair of ASTS-1060 column speakers installed at the Altar. The system is driven by a professional EV2x240 amplifier accompanied by an active RS15-Sub-A to cover the lower frequency range.

Pastor Thoma Tran Ngoc Son commented: “AVE column speakers were specifically chosen for their size and dynamic sound capabilities. The speaker design is perfectly suited to the architecture and the overall coverage is extremely effective, with impressive and detailed speech reproduction. I congratulate QV Sound team on this successful installation.”