Valens and SyncPro Partner to Expand HDBaseT

SyncPro has announced that Valens, the inventor and leading developer of HDBaseT technology for the AV market, has expanded its engagement with SyncPro’s CloudOS platform. This partnership will accelerate the integration of HDBaseT AV and IT management by allowing remote deployment and monitoring for any HDBaseT device.

SyncPro’s cloud platform enables IT teams and Managed Service Providers (MSP) to remotely configure, monitor and maintain audio-video, unified collaboration and digital signage products. With SyncPro’s CloudOS support, HDBaseT equipment manufacturers can add advanced cloud-based features and remote managed services for their product lines– which has gained importance due to accessibility issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Added capabilities include proactive monitoring capabilities, features licensing, firmware updates, remote configuration, and more. This will allow system integrators and installers to deploy and service their systems at a lower cost and in shorter time.

SyncPro CEO Omer Brookstein stressed that the further integration of CloudOS will help Valens customers refine their product roadmaps by monitoring feature usage, and will allow their system integrators to develop new managed services moving forward.

“Our collaboration will benefit not just our two companies, but the AV industry as a whole,” said Omer. “HDBaseT product manufacturers will be able to empower their channels and system integrators with unparalleled managed services capabilities while offering more enticing, value-add maintenance contracts for their customers. Using our new support center feature, integrators can also escalate issues directly to the manufacturer’s support staff for remote debugging, offering an unparalleled support experience.”

Valens recently began using CloudOS to allow HDBaseT chipsets to connect to an integrated cloud, strengthening AV and IT convergence for manufacturers, integrators and end users. Valens has now added new capabilities to CloudOS, including the option to monitor and manage its evaluation kits to better support HDBaseT product development.

Gabi Shriki, Senior Vice President & Head of the AV Business for Valens, emphasized that the SyncPro partnership will further the goal of strengthening HDBaseT by enabling a stronger ecosystem and accelerating AV and IT integration.“This has always been Valens vision – to develop a standard that will allow end users more choice, mixing and matching devices from different vendors,” said Gabi. “CloudOS’s vendor-agnostic approach brings strong value to integrators by extending management applications across more AV and IT devices, regardless of the device vendor or technology.”

Valens will offer firmware updates, provisioning services, and advanced diagnostics capabilities, providing added value for product developers that use the Valens Stello product family. This starts with the VS3000, the first HDBaseT chipset to support long-distance distribution of uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 video (HDMI 2.0) over a single category cable.

“Management and monitoring of our evaluation kits in the cloud will accelerate and simplify product development for our customers,” continued Gabi. ”Since the latest VS3000 EVK microcontroller can communicate with the HDBaseT chipset and the network, our customers can just open the EVK, scan a QR code, and immediately register their device to CloudOS. This provides a direct path toward developing CloudOS-native HDBaseT products that will provide great value to integrators and end users.”