Unilumin COB&MIP Roadshow Recap: showcasing Micro-Mini LED prowess

Unilumin Group successfully wrapped up its COB & MIP Roadshow in Milan, Italy, on May 8, 2024. This event brought together numerous customers for an intimate hands-on experience with the COB and MIP LED display products.

Guests had the opportunity to engage in lively conversations, get a firsthand look at the products, listen to expert explanations from Unilumin’s professional engineers, and even participate in UCE (Unilumin Certified Engineer) training sessions to deepen their understanding of the products and brand values.

As the demand for Micro and Mini-LED solutions continues to grow, Unilumin stands at the forefront of this emerging industry. Unilumin has dedicated over a decade to the development of the Micro and Mini technology.

In 2013, Unilumin established an independent R&D team solely focused on refining and enhancing Micro and Mini products. As pioneers in introducing P0.5 and P0.4 solutions, Unilumin has achieved mass production of P0.4mm micro-level COB products. This year, Unilumin is bringing further innovations to the Micro/Mini-LED market with advancements in COB, MIP, and AM driving technology. The Milan Roadshow was a testament to the product prowess in this domain.

During the event, customers had the chance to experience Unilumin’s COB and MIP products up close and were highly impressed: The UMini series (COB) offers EBL+ technology (greater black level), high contrast up to 10000:1 (20000:1 max), EMC class B, energy-saving, and All-round protection.

The UTV SC COB series is ideal for education and meeting scenarios, featuring energy-saving design, All-in-one and touch without trace, and 5G technology for stable transmission.

The USK COB series boasts all-outdoor high-brightness COB display, no limited shapes with high flexibility, reliable with high stability and IP69K protection, and up to 40% energy saving.

The Utile MIP series stands out with its full flip chip MIP design, MIP tech plus EBL+ patented tech for unprecedented display effect (ultra-high contrast with accurate colour in pixels), and Big module design (greater display effect of big size) without back shell.

Beyond the products, customers also benefited from Unilumin’s professional training sessions, covering LED Display Installation, LED display system setting, LED dark and bright line adjustment, calibration coefficient management, and multi-batch adjustment of LED display. The sessions were highly informative and received overwhelming positive feedback.