Luci della Ribalta’s Nota PC 1200 XL at Etimesgut Municipality in Turkey

70 Nota 1200 PC XL fixtures by Luci Della Ribalta have been chosen for the prestigious Cultural and Artistic Center of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye, as part of a large and demanding installation, which was completed in record time.

The Etimesgut Municipality has recently completed a cutting-edge lighting installation at the prestigious Cultural and Artistic Center of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey – all in record time.

The project, initiated in May 2023, was meticulously completed by December of the same year, with a monumental installation promising to enhance the cultural experience for theatre enthusiasts nationwide.

Taking the spotlight in terms of lighting technology is the Nota PC 1200 XL by Luci della Ribalta, which, thanks to unparalleled performance, managed to deliver the perfect amount of light, coupled with uncompromising quality.

Exclusive LDR distributor for Türkiye, Atempo Group, is a recognised provider of leading technology solutions. Working in collaboration with Luci Della Ribalta, experts in producing cutting-edge lighting fixtures, Atempo played a pivotal role in this project by selecting and installing the Nota units.

The decision to opt for these spotlights was based on their proven track record of excellence in previous projects at the National Theater, as confirmed by Tolga Ozkan of Atempo. “We needed a large volume of light and from a tungsten source. Only LDR’s Notas PC could match this demand. We have used the same product in our national theatre projects before and are very satisfied with the results. Therefore, choosing Nota PC 1200 XL again for this project was an easy decision.”

This collaboration between Atempo, Luci Della Ribalta, and the Etimesgut Municipality marks a significant milestone in Türkiye’s cultural landscape.

Alongside Atempo, the Çankaya Municipality also contributed to the success of this project, emphasising the collaborative effort involved in its execution.

Leading the action from Atempo’s side, project manager Senol Ceyhan ensured seamless coordination and timely completion of the installation of the 70 fixtures.

His expertise and dedication, combined with Luci Della Ribalta’s efficient production and speedy delivery, were instrumental in bringing this ambitious vision to fruition.

The Cultural and Artistic Center of the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye, now adorned with Luci Della Ribalta’s cutting-edge lighting solutions, stands as a beacon of cultural enrichment and artistic innovation.

This historic achievement paves the way for unforgettable theatrical experiences, embodying the spirit of celebration and creativity at the heart of Türkiye’s cultural heritage.