Unilumin and 4Wall UK illuminate Renault’s Geneva Motor Show with stunning LED displays

In the vibrant setting of the Geneva Motor Show—one of the world’s premier automotive exhibitions—Renault’s March showcase dazzled attendees with a stunning visual experience.

This remarkable presentation was made possible through the collaboration between Unilumin Group and the renowned integrator 4Wall UK. Recognising the importance of captivating visuals for Renault’s brand enhancement, Unilumin’s advanced UpadIV and versatile UpadIV-S series LED displays were chosen to ensure a memorable event.

The Geneva Motor Show provided a pivotal stage for Renault to unveil its latest innovations. Understanding that the quality of visual presentation directly influences brand perception, Unilumin and 4Wall UK meticulously managed every detail.

The display setup featured 220SQM of UpadIV series cabinets. Upon entering the exhibit, visitors were greeted by a stunning flat screen composed of UpadIV2 panels. Flanking this centrepiece were two impressive curved screens made from UpadIV2-S panels, creating an immersive environment that captivated audiences.

This visually striking arrangement enhanced the visitor experience and significantly boosted Renault’s brand image, achieving a harmonious blend of beauty and artistry.

LED displays are becoming increasingly vital in commercial exhibitions, bringing numerous benefits such as visual impact, attention-grabbing capabilities, and seamless integration with the environment.

Unilumin’s UpadIV and UpadIV-S series are particularly favoured by 4Wall for their superior display quality, featuring 16-bit colour processing depth and effortlessly support for 10-bit video sources.

The flexibility of the S series, capable of achieving up to 45° seamless curved splicing and 90° right-angle splicing, allows for creative and complex installations tailored to any client’s vision.

As an LED applications pioneer, Unilumin is dedicated to providing industry-leading integrated solutions and continues collaborating with prestigious brands worldwide. The success of the Renault showcase at the Geneva Motor Show highlights Unilumin’s commitment to innovation and excellence.