Sphere Fourth of July Celebration

Sphere celebrated the first anniversary of the primary illumination of the Exosphere – the world’s largest LED screen – with a dazzling Exosphere show, held on 4 July.

The Sphere Fourth of July Celebration, presented by Verizon, honoured America in the ultimate tribute to art, science, and wonder, and how that unites us all. The dynamic content was amplified with more than 500 drones that took the shape of fireworks, stars and more to complement the art appearing on the Exosphere – taking the Exosphere to new heights.

The show, which was created and developed by Sphere Studios – the immersive content studio dedicated to creating multi-sensory live entertainment experiences exclusively for Sphere – included a celebration of Sphere and its impact on the Las Vegas skyline, creative focused on the Stars & Stripes, a nod to the history of Nevada, and a look back at the past “year of Sphere.”

With the Fourth of July Celebration, Sphere also launched:
XO Audio – an audio experience where music is synced to content on the Exosphere, further enhancing the multi-sensory experience.
XO Stream – an official live stream, which is now available on thesphere.com so fans can watch the Exosphere 24/7.

Both XO Audio and XO Stream will now run continuously moving forward.