TiMax SoundHub and Tracker Install in Tokyo’s New National Theatre

Tokyo’s New National Theatre (NNTT) has recently installed a 32-channel TiMax2 SoundHub-S32 and TiMax Tracker system with six TT Sensors and 32 TT Tags, for adaptable provision of automated vocal localisation and audio show control in both the main ‘Playhouse’ auditorium and also the smaller ‘Pit’ theatre.

Mr Kunio Watanabe, manager of the NNTT’s Audio Division, who contacted SCA Sound Solutions in search of effective and natural vocal tracking and immersive audio spatialisation, specified the multi-tasking system.

Mr Watanabe commented with the following: “We now have a very natural and smooth sound imaging for the actors’ voices, without the feeling of it being a sound ‘effect’, by which I mean, the audience could feel the individual voice at the exact position of the individual singer, not from left, right and centre speakers. This may sound like a cliché, but other systems do not give this.”

Tracked by TiMax Tracker tags, the individual output of each performer’s radio-mic channel routes from the mixing console channel direct outs through to the TiMax2 SoundHub dsp which dynamically delay-matrixes it to the distributed loudspeaker setup for both venues – templates for which are stored in the TiMax unit.

The installation was completed in time for Stephen Sondheim’s Tony Award-winning Passion. Sound Designer for the production, Mr. Yoshio Ueda how easily he found the process of adjusting the level of each speaker precisely in the process of creating image definitions. Also, he found that there was no sense of incongruity in the sound images created. Additionally, transition from image definition to image definition was very smooth and beautiful. Mr. Yoshio Ueda concluded: “The sound of the choir is also faithfully recreated as a 3D spatial image and it sounds very natural and a beautiful effect. I was very much satisfied with the result!”