Thurgood Marshall Academic High School Upgrades with dBTechnologies

Allen & Heath technology.

Thurgood Marshall Academic High School in San Francisco, CA recently completed a major upgrade to their theatre audio and video performance capabilities, selecting equipment from American Music & Sound including dBTechnologies, Allen & Heath and CAD. Trinity Productions supplied and supported Legend Theatrical in their installation of multiple active loudspeakers, including the INGENIA IG4T, SUB18H, and FM12 FLEXSYS stage monitors. HPA-1000 amplifiers power multiple DVXP8 passive speakers throughout the venue while a DSX2040 digital controller helps to manage the overall system routing and control. A dBTechnologies Moving D wireless microphone system is fed by multiple CAD microphones, providing a great sounding and versatile broadband wireless technology solution.

“One of the reasons that I selected dBTechnologies was because they had everything to fit the entire project,” said John S. Moore from Trinity Productions, “all the way from mains to monitors to the green room speakers and amplifiers. It was a one-stop-shop with American Music & Sound because we spec’d out the CAD microphones and Allen & Heath GLD80 [digital mixer] as well.”

The theatre at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School is used for both school and community productions, and the plan is to have students learn to operate the GLD80. “That was one of the reasons they went with the console—being able to easily handle theatrical scene recall. They can intuitively set up scenes in rehearsals and do recalls on the board without having to get into anything super technical. It’s just boom, boom, scene to scene to scene,” said John. “That’s all tied into their video system so when they do projection on the new huge screen the audio will support the video quite well for movies and presentations.” After doing a run-through of the new system, the district architect added,  “We were not expecting this! The output and clarity from front to back is fantastic.”

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