Thomsun Hosting Adamson Training Seminar in Dubai

David Dohrmann, Adamson Systems Engineering’s technical director, Asia Pacific, is scheduled to present a Thomsun sponsored two-day technical training seminar and S-Series product demonstration in Dubai on August 30-31, 2016. Alok Ghurde made the announcement from Thomsun.

Alok commented: “Providing sound reinforcement professionals with a free, instructional training seminar is invaluable in our region. David not only demonstrates Adamson products, but also covers a lot of the basics of the system design and rigging that is extremely helpful. We are looking forward to a huge turnout.”

David, who has delivered Adamson training throughout the region for the last five years, provides consulting firms, integrators and sound engineers with an extensive overview of Adamson Blueprint AV simulation software, Lake processing as well as a hands-on rigging and alignment workshop during day two.

The S10 line array pairs Adamson’s Controlled Summation Technology with a newly designed 10-inch Kevlar transducer, which provide a performance level unheard of in this format. Many system designers and sound engineers are said to be very impressed with the S10 line blend of performance, footprint and pricing.

Blueprint AV simulation software is Adamson’s multi-use predictive software suite that operates both in the 2D and 3D realm. Blueprint AV allows system designers and technicians to build a simple or very complex listening area, hang multiple arrays, simulate response with a variety of acoustic measurement tools, and provide a detailed and accurate rigging plot that can be exported to DXF. Adamson loudspeakers are optimised, which allows them to be paired with Lab.gruppen PLM+ amplifiers with Lake DSP technology. Dohrmann delivers a complete overview of the Adamson E-Rack system during the training seminar.