Technicians of The Future Learn with KV2

KV2 Audio were delighted to report on their successful collaboration with Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance – one of the UK’s top specialist higher educational institutions – during the College’s annual Symposium.

KV2 representatives were on hand to discuss the company’s unique approach to loudspeaker design and offer information on all KV2 Audio’s products and philosophies.

Following their experiences during the Symposium it is with great pleasure that KV2 can reveal that Rose Bruford College chose to invest in a number of KV2 products.

Having listened to a large selection of ESD, EX, ESM and ES products in a variety of Rose Bruford College’s performance spaces, Technical Manager, Jonathan Hill, decided that a pair of EX 26 active 2-way 2×6” loudspeakers and the EX 2.2 active 2×12” subwoofer would be the ideal solution for a fixed install in their Studio space.

In addition to this six EX 6 active 2-way 6” loudspeakers were also purchased as a multi-purpose roving option for the students.

Reflecting on the decision Jonathan explained, “Since investing in the KV2 equipment the portable EX 6’s have been in constant use by the students. They have been used as standalone breakout PA’s and for delay and in-fill applications – a really valuable resource for the students.”

“It is important for us to expose the students to a variety of ideas and the addition of KV2 equipments to our existing range of products gives the students another well-respected name in Theatre sound to learn with.”

With KV2 rapidly gaining a strong reputation with numerous significant Theatre Sound Designers it is pleasing to know that the Sound Designers and engineers of the future are beginning their careers with KV2.