Teatro Calderón upgrades with ETC lighting systems

he Teatro Calderón has chosen to upgrade its lighting systems with ETC products.

The Teatro Calderón has chosen to upgrade its lighting systems with ETC products, supplied by the company’s exclusive dealer in Spain, Stonex.

Based in Valladolid, the Teatro Calderón has long been recognised as one of the best theatres in the country. It was decided that over the next few years the theatre will renew its lighting equipment in order to allow both LED and conventional luminaires to work together as effectively as possible. In order to do this, the Calderón chose ETC’s power control and entertainment consoles.

ETC’s Sensor3 power control system and ThruPower modules were installed into the theatre, replacing a Smartrack model which was in place for the previous 20 years. The Teatro Calderón now has five Sensor3 ESR3AFN-48 power control racks, filled with ETR15AFR and ETR25AFR ThruPower modules, in addition to Net3 Conductor and Concert to manage the network, and report any faults.

With the upgrade of ETC lighting equipment, the Teatro Calderón aims to become a more sustainable venue in favour of green technology, that will ultimately reduce its energy costs by up to 80%.

ETC’s dealer, Stonex worked on the project and supplied ETC’s products to the venue. Stonex has over 39 years of experience in providing professional lighting and stage engineering solutions.