Tarik Smith and CHAUVET Professional Transform City Tavern Club

The City Tavern Club transformed by Tarik Smith and CHAUVET Professional

Built in 1786, the City Tavern Club, is an iconic venue that hosts a variety of upscale events. Although it provides an evocative setting it also brings power limitations. Tarik Smith of Atmosphere, Inc. met these challenges and transformed its interior with elegant uplighting created by wireless, battery-powered WELL Fit fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

“As with any historic venue the biggest issue is power, so I had to pay a lot of attention to the design,” said Tarik. “The limited power draw at the club meant we had to go wireless, but I still needed even, colorful light that would create an immersive, welcoming atmosphere.”

Tarik tapped 60 WELL Fit fixtures to illuminate the main hall and upstairs lounge area. The compact dimensions of the WELL Fit units allowed them to blend easily into the background, while their four RGBA LED’s offered a wide palette of rich colors to deliver a bright, even uplight wash to the walls and architectural columns.