CHAUVET Professional Theatre Event Receives Enthusiastic Response

Voted by the Dutch public as the “most beautiful painting in the Netherlands,” Johannes Vermeer’s 17th-century masterpiece, Girl With a Pearl Earring, is renowned for its subtle use of colours, and interplay of light and shadows. These attributes made the painting (or more accurately replicas of it) an ideal prop in the successful theatre lighting education session held by CHAUVET Professional Benelux in September.

Taking place at the CC De Schakel Cultural Center, the one day session, which was supported by theatre specialist Sotesa, featured a stage with three different scenes, each of which contained a print of the painting on an easel, along with a sofa, a small wooden table, and a white vase with flowers. The stage that housed the three scenes had a lighting rig that included traditional tungsten fixtures, stationary Ovation LED fixtures, and moving Maverick LED fixtures.

As part of the day’s presentation, the three scenes on stage were lit by the different types of LED and tungsten fixtures. This demonstration vividly illustrated the advantages of lighting with LED sources to the 80 theatre professionals who attended the event from across Belgium. It also allowed them to see the wide range of options open to them by lighting a stage with different combinations of stationary and moving LED fixtures.

In addition to this impactful demonstration, the all-day session included an opening introduction to the range of CHAUVET Professional stage lighting products, as well as a concluding hands-on experience that gave those in attendance the opportunity to have a first-hand look at the fixtures that were used in lighting the three scenes. This collection of products included a diverse selection of Ovation ellipsoidals, Fresnels, pars, and house lights, as well as the Maverick MK1 Spot, MK3 Profile, and MK2 Wash moving fixtures.

Following the event, the CHAUVET Professional Benelux team received widespread praise from the professionals who attended. They thanked the company, not just for its quality products, but for providing them with a thought-provoking experience that underscored the creative possibilities being created by LED theatrical lighting.