Tannoy Loudspeakers Meet Challenges at the Skirball Cultural Center

Since 1996, L.A’s Skirball Cultural Center, a leading cultural venue and a truly elegant event space designed by renowned Architect Moshe Safdie, has gained a reputation as one of the world’s foremost Jewish cultural institutions. With the latest addition to their campus, the 44,000 sq ft Herscher Hall/Guerin Pavilion, Skirball has dramatically enhanced its ability to serve the 600,000 some patrons who visit annually.

The Guerin Pavilion combines exceptional versatility and high aesthetics and features a state-of-the art A/V system in which Tannoy’s Dual Concentric loudspeakers are integral components. “The Dual Concentric design originally comes from our studio monitors from back in the day,” said Dudley McLaughlin, Consultant Manager, Install and Tour, North America, for TC Group.

The Tannoy loudspeakers used in the project were deployed in the facility’s 9,166 sq ft ballroom; a distinctive and highly flexible space ideal for conferences, corporate gatherings and celebrations of virtually any description.

“It is a complicated space meant to fulfil many roles”, shared Corey Salvatore, CTS, Senior Consultant at Acentech. “The ballroom can be partitioned into three spaces or a combination thereof and there are four meeting rooms on the third floor above it, for smaller events, or for overflow for events taking place in the ballroom.” Corey worked closely with Project Architect Belinda to ensure the seamless integration of the audio-visual elements into the architecture of the space.

In all, eight rows of five Tannoy VX 12HP loudspeakers running the length of the ballroom were mounted on truss suspended from the ceiling and concealed from the audience by decorative, aluminum elements. The VX 12s are time-aligned so when the entire ballroom is in use the sound appears to be coming from the stage end of the room. They are also zoned to optimise coverage and eliminate feedback when the ballroom is partitioned.

“Two Tannoy CMS 501DCs and two iw 6TDCs were installed in the meeting rooms for use during events held in those spaces or in tandem with the VX 12s. The iw 6s are mounted behind acoustic panels, which have a cut-out for a video display, keeping them visually unobtrusive,” said Corey. “It’s a very high aesthetic space throughout and the iw and CMS allowed us to get quality audio and full frequency range without sacrificing aesthetics.”