Summer Vibes & Perfect Tech Line Up at Cali Beach

Cali Beach, Australia’s first luxury beachside rooftop precinct, opened up in Surfers Paradise.

AV Integrators The Prestige Group have been engaged to deliver a first class AV system for this unique landmark venue, choosing VuePix Infiled LED screens, Acme Lighting fixtures and DJ power stage effects as a perfect mix to pump up everyone coming to soak up the beachside vibes & enjoy world-class entertainment.

Cali Beach is Australia’s first luxury beachside rooftop precinct and is unlike any other venue in Australia. The brand-new entertainment destination towers four stories above street level and is spread over an expansive 5,000 square metres of prime rooftop space. It boasts a spectacular outlook over Surfers Paradise beach and unparalleled views of the Surfers Paradise skyline.

Located just a stone’s throw from the bustling heart of Surfers on Elkhorn Avenue, Cali Beach has impeccably blended the vibrant energy of the Gold Coast with the sleek style and sophistication of European beach clubs. It features multiple pools, luxe poolside cabanas, numerous dining and bar areas, an outdoor cinema and even a beach volleyball court. With impressive choreographed shows and the biggest DJ residency line up in the country, you can immerse yourself in the beachside vibes while the likes of Bag Raiders, Sneaky Sound System, Stace Cadet, Dj Tigerlily and Yolanda Be Cool take centre stage.

“Our aim was to deliver a luxury hospitality experience that will surpass anything currently available in Australia,” says Managing Partner of Artesian Hospitality, Matthew Keegan. “Given its scale, Cali Beach was a significant investment for our group, with development taking just under twelve months and costing almost $10 million. it’s a landmark venue for all of Australia that epitomises our commitment to creating unique experiences which exceeded all expectations!”

AV Integrators The Prestige Group have a longstanding relationship with Artesian, and they were engaged to deliver a first class AV system for the luxurious beach precinct. “We’re building this; make it work. That was pretty much the brief,” says Nathan Wright, General Manager at The Prestige Group.

Video plays a central role at the Cali Beach entertainment precinct. “LED screens have become critical to incorporating all the aspects of the venue,” explains Matthew Keegan. “As venues get larger, not everyone can see the DJ or the act, and you need to make that content available to multiple locations. It’s an indispensable complement to the sound and when those things work together in harmony, that’s what really provides the vibe people are after.”

A massive 8m by 4m cinema screen is dominating a back wall of the outdoor moonlight cinema space. VuePix Infiled MV6 LED panels of 6.9mm pixel pitch were chosen for this video wall. “The cinema screen is also designed for corporate events and is viewable from the bar as well. All of the supporting structures have been engineered to cope with high winds, coming straight from the ocean”, says Nathan Wright.

A 3m high by 2m wide portrait screen has been installed at the DJ booth, providing a perfect visual platform for the top DJs and their performances, streaming through and thriving in the atmosphere. “We have ArKaos Media Master on hand for DJs and VJs, and we have free-to-air TV and Nightlife available as sources when required. We’re soon going to add NDI sources so anyone can plug in to the network and move video around,” says Nathan.

A 10m wide by 1m high LED screen is facing the pool area, streaming the content in sync with the DJ screen, pumping up everyone relaxing in the pool & soaking up the beachside vibes.

For a beachside, outdoor venue, the technical requirements for LED screens to perform in sunlight, all weather and salt air, are more complex. ULA Group’s Managing Director Con Biviano explains the product selection process: “With top-class venues, installation partners like The Prestige Group will sit down with us as the manufacturer and we’ll map out the project together. For this application, where you’ve got an abundance of sunlight and swirling wind conditions, we selected IP-rated products from our VuePix Infiled MV and GX ranges. Weather it’s a sunny 35-degree day, a chilly 10-degree night or a cloudy, rainy afternoon, the screens are able to adjust to those circumstances so the customers can enjoy the same first-class experience”.

Twelve Acme CETUS IP65 rated moving lights have been used to provide the main lighting element for the venue, lighting up the sky with powerful beams at night and helping to create atmosphere around the pool and dancefloor. Dotted around the venue are 32 Acme StagePAR Colour IP66 rated static fixtures, used to highlight the décor of the venue during both day and night. “There are two DJpower CO2 jets, five fog machines, and six flame machines,” reports Nathan. These are being used for special effects during choreographed shows and DJ performances, as well as being fired up for special occasions and celebrations happening at the venue.

“We chose VuePix Infiled LED panels for all of the screens within the venue because of their outdoor reliability and local support from distributors ULA Group,” states Nathan Wright.

“And they have performed flawlessly!” We’ve got a NovaStar H-2 processor that’s dealing with all the splicing and the video processing aspects. But once again, turn it on, do a configuration and ‘job done’.”

“We have a long relationship with the ULA team and a great experience with VuePix product reliability and support. Considerations like availability of parts and adherence to warranty are absolutely critical for a venue of this type,” he confirmed. “Because if we have downtime, that really has a massive impact on the way people perceive a venue and its reputation. You have to select brands that provide you with confidence that we could actually continue to operate in any eventuality. For a venue like this, easy access to technical and product support is the most important thing.”

Cali Beach is already pumping, with national and international resident DJs and artists hitting the stage with sizzling tunes. “Artesian Hospitality are loving it,” concludes Nathan.
To everyone in Australia that’s looking for an escape I’d say come relax, eat, drink, play and embrace life at Cali Beach,” said Matthew Keegan.

“This is exactly what Surfers Paradise and our city needs. I applaud the team behind this development as it will be a beacon for locals and visitors. I look forward to seeing the evolution of Cali Beach into one of those must-visit destinations year-round”, commented Tom Tate, Mayor at City of Gold Coast.