ADJ Expands Product Portfolio With New LED-Powered Moving Head Profile, Color Fresnel & More

ADJ release the Encore FR Pro Colour.

Looking towards a bright future for the entertainment technology industry in 2022, ADJ has announced a series of innovative product releases. These include a new flagship for the extremely popular Focus Series of LED-powered moving heads, the Focus Profile, as well as a colour-mixing Fresnel fixture which delivers a high CRI from an extremely efficient LED light engine, the Encore FR Pro Color.

The brightest and most feature-rich Focus Series fixture to date, the Focus Profile is a professional caliber automated profile luminaire designed for theatrical, concert touring and event production applications. It features a potent 400W LED engine, with a native colour temperature of 6,700K and a CRI in excess of 70, coupled with an exhaustive collection of beam-shaping tools. These include four, independently controllable, rotating framing shutter blades, which can be used to precisely shape the light output. The unit offers full CMY colour mixing together with variable CTO colour temperature correction and an additional colour wheel loaded with 6 dichroic filters comprised of four primaries together with CTB and CRI filters. Two separate GOBO wheels feature 7 replaceable, indexed-rotating GOBOs, and 8 static GOBOs, respectively, while two bi-directional rotating prisms (3-facet and 6-facet) allow for the creation of a wide variety of aerial effects. Motorized focus, iris and zoom (7 – 45-degrees) together with a replaceable (medium) frost filter and an animation wheel complete the lineup of features offered by this powerful and versatile luminaire.

Expanding ADJ’s collection of theatrical lighting tools, the Encore FR Pro Color is a versatile Fresnel fixture which combines motorized focus with enhanced colour mixing potential and a CRI of over 94. Positioned behind a 7” Fresnel lens, the unit’s powerful 400-Watt light source combines red, green, blue, amber, cyan and lime LED chips to allow the creation of a huge gamut of colours as well as white light with tunable colour temperature between 2400K and 8500K. To aid with programming in a variety of different situations, the fixture offers a virtual CMY colour mixing mode as well as 62 preset white colour temperatures, 60 virtual colour wheel presets and 64 RGBA colour macros, in addition to full independent colour mixing control over the LED source’s six primary colours. The fixture offers motorized zoom, with a variable beam angle of between 7 and 44-degrees, and is supplied with a set of 4-leaf rotating barn doors which can be used to alter the shape of the light output.

The new Encore Lime Par Series of IP65-rated LED wash fixtures feature 20W RGBL (red, green, blue, lime) colour mixing LEDs that offer sensational brightness with a very high CRI. Offering a concise 10-degree beam angle, robust all-metal construction and IP65 ‘all weather’ rating, these fixtures are ideal for a wide variety of event and concert lighting applications. They feature a versatile scissor yoke which can be used either as a floor stand or hanging bracket as well as 64 built-in colour macros, 5 preset white colour temperatures and linear colour temperature control (between 2700K and 6500K) to aid with quick setup and programming. Three models will be available: Encore LP7IP, Encore LP12IP and Encore LP18IP, with 7, 12 and 18 LEDs respectively. A comprehensive collection of lenses will also be available for each model, which clip neatly and securely over the LEDs, allowing the beam angle to be easily enlarged.

Finally, ADJ’s popular Vision Series of LED video panels has been expanded with the introduction of a new modular Ground Stack System. The VSGSB Ground Support Base, VSGSLT Ground Support Ladder Truss and VSGSCSB Clamp Support Bar can be used to create a solid frame to support a Vision Series video wall from behind. This can be used to setup a freestanding screen of up to six panels in height and unlimited width, with ballast provided using conventional sandbags or stage weights. The system is designed for use with the existing VSRB1 Rigging / Ground Stack Bar, which sits between the lowest panel and the ground, as well as the VSRQR Rear Quick Clamp, which connects the rear of a panel to the Ground Support Ladder Truss behind. All products in the new Ground Stack System are robust, lightweight, and finished in matt black, making them ideal for use by production companies and on touring productions.

“As we look forward with positivity to the future of our industry, I am really excited to introduce ADJ customers old and new to the latest additions to our product line for 2022,” comments ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “We are constantly asking our users and dealers what they would like to see added to our portfolio and all of these new products are answers to that question. The new fixtures all represent ADJ’s continued commitment to serving lighting designers, production companies and integrators with robust and reliable lighting and LED video tools that do what they need to do at price points which allow good ROIs. And, this first wave of products is only the beginning, we will be launching a number of other exciting new fixtures over the coming weeks.”

All of these new products will be debuted on ADJ’s upcoming Reunited Thru Light Second Phase road tour, which will hit cities across the USA throughout the winter of 2021 and into the spring of 2022. Full details can be found here.