Starwest Studios Looks to Litepanels

New broadcast production and dance facility in Burbank, California, is set to showcase a studio for Litepanels LED lighting solutions.

An array of almost 50 lights from Litepanels’ Gemini, Astra, and Sola product families provide reliable, flicker-free lighting for a wide variety of television broadcast and online streaming dance productions.

Launched with partner Randy Jackson, former American Idol judge and well-known producer, Starwest Studios is the world’s first dance studio and broadcast production facility, with spaces for music and video production. Starwest Studios Lot 2 houses a Roland music recording suite, a Newtek-powered live broadcast control room, and a 3,800 sq ft clear-span sprung wood dance floor from StageStep suitable for filming as well as for large castings and auditions.

Starwest Studios producer and partner Sammy Oriti said: “The design of Lot 2 presented a unique set of lighting challenges. With almost 4,000 square feet of dance floor and robotic cameras from Bolin Technologies mounted in the ceiling to capture up to 200 dancers at a time, it was important to be able to cover the entire floor without any dead areas or shadows.”

Litepanels LED lighting is abundant throughout Lot 2, ensuring coverage in every corner and angle. Starwest Studios uses Litepanels’ new Gemini 2×1 soft panel to deliver highly flexible and precise colour adjustment. Litepanels Gemini is also flicker-free, making it ideal for the high-speed photography needs within the studio. White Cyc built on top of the sprung wood dance floor at Lot 2 can turn any colour instantly leveraging the Gemini. Its easy-to-use interface is intuitive and allows precise lighting control, all with the touch of a conveniently-located button.

Litepanels Astra daylight and bi-colour panels are mounted in the ceiling, and battery-powered Astras on stands can be moved around the facility as needed. In the makeup room, for instance, staff can use Litepanels Astra to match the lighting the dancers will be under in the studio, and they can use the Astra’s tunable bi-colour option to dial in the right colour temperature for the on-air talent’s skin tone. In addition, Litepanels Sola Fresnel LEDs offer users the versatility to apply a spot or a flood as the need arises.