Stage Precision announces launch of SP software version 1.1.0

Stage Precision, a leading software developer in the world of virtual production and live events technology, announces the latest release of its flagship software, SP version 1.1.0.

This update introduces a variety of powerful features and integrations designed to streamline workflows and enhance user control.

One of the standout features of SP version 1.1.0 is its revamped Camera Calibration. Recently trialled on a project for the Gamers 8 event in Saudi Arabia, the new workflow redefines the calibration experience and is ideal for all virtual production setups, including green screens, LED walls and augmented reality.

“We’ve made it much simpler and faster to calibrate a lens profile and align a tracking system,” explained Axel Lambrecht, CTO of Stage Precision.

“This will further reduce reliance on manual measurements and enable much of the camera and lens calibration workflows to be handled offsite, allowing more time for fine-tuning onset and much faster setup times.”

Additionally, SP version 1.1.0 introduces revolutionary tools for focusing cameras on known points, making it ideal for large-scale calibration scenarios like stadium-scale augmented reality productions.

This ground-breaking AR workflow technology recently proved its worth at the Bank of America Stadium when leading full-service fan experience company, the Famous Group, pioneered the use of SP camera calibration tools for the Carolina Panthers’ pre-season opener.

Using the stadium’s jumbo LED displays as calibration boards – indeed, any screen source can be used in this capacity – this highly innovative approach was used to calibrate multiple stadium cameras, determining their precise locations and lens profiles.

According to Lambrecht, “This development marks a huge advancement in conventional stadium tracking and calibration on a large scale and represents not just a technological feat but also a visionary step toward redefining the future of stadium experiences.”

Other enhancements include a new Screen Reposition feature: “By utilising a well-calibrated lens profile and tracking system, SP can now calculate the position and orientation of screens or LED walls based on camera images,” explained Lambrecht.

“This will help streamline workflows for professionals in the live event, studio and virtual production industries.”

The updated release also includes native support for OptiTrack Camera Technology.

Ideal for the lower resolution 3D person and object tracking requirements found in live events, theatre and immersive installations, this powerful integration enables control, visual feedback and tracking status directly within the SP 3D viewport, thereby removing the need to use OptiTrack’s Motive software tools within these environments.

“We’ve developed tools within SP to reduce the sensitivity for position changes of the optical tracking cameras. Focused on the use in a low res environment” explained Lambrecht.

“This enhances stability, making it perfect for long-term setups and less controlled environments that would otherwise affect the desired behaviour of the tracking system in these harsher environments in Live Experience.”

Furthermore, native support for OptiTrack technology enables integration with SP’s full toolset. This offers wider benefits to the project workflow such as the ability to record and playback tracking data, providing valuable back-ups and saving costs by minimising the need for repeated stage choreography.

“There’s no doubt that this update is a true game-changer, simplifying complex processes and enhancing workflows,” emphasised Lambrecht. “It’s a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our ever-evolving industry.”