Brompton Technology LED processing to power Sony’s Crystal LED VERONA

Brompton Technology has announced that Tessera LED processing solution powers Sony Corporation’s new Crystal LED VERONA.

These cutting-edge LED displays are specially developed for virtual production applications, catering to the market’s demand for background LEDs for In-Camera VFX (ICVFX) for drama, cinema, commercial filming, music video and other creative productions.

Tessera empowers LED displays with its impressive video processing capabilities, coupled with an intuitive GUI and unparalleled operation efficiency.

The new Sony P1.56mm and P2.31mm LED panels feature a number of innovations, including a newly developed Deep Black and Anti-Reflection Surface Technology.

Rigorous testing was conducted using Sony’s flagship VENICE cinema cameras, in conjunction with the Virtual Production Tool Set plugin for Unreal Engine, announced in April. This approach guarantees unmatched integration and sets the stage for unparalleled virtual production experiences.

“The decision to select Tessera LED solutions for the Crystal LED panels is because we consider Brompton Technology to be a leader for LED video processors in the virtual production industry,” said Yosuke Nakano, General Manager of the LDS Product Planning Dept, Co-creation Strategy & Development Div. at Sony Corporation.

“Brompton has been very supportive, and our engineers have been collaborating closely with their technical team on this project.”

“The Brompton team has vast expertise in working with LED driver field applications engineering to fine-tune the panel performance,” noted Elijah Ebo, Director of APAC Operations at Brompton Technology.

“The FAE team at Brompton consistently offers expert guidance for hardware design and component selection, and our engineers always work closely with the panel manufacturer to ensure the most precise results.”

“We are excited to partner with a company whose products are highly regarded in the virtual production segment,” said Nakano. “Together with our high-quality Crystal LED VERONA we aim to deliver a virtual production system that greatly leverages creators’ vision.”

“We are delighted by Sony Corporation’s decision to choose Brompton LED processing solutions for their new line of Crystal LED panels,” concluded Brompton CEO, Richard Mead.

“We are excited about the potential of this new collaboration and about the new options it offers for clients in the virtual production space to access an even wider range of high-quality LED displays.”