St. Mary’s Church elevates audio experience with Bose Professional and Shure

St Marys Church Dubai

St. Mary’s Church in Dubai is one of GCC’s leading worship centers has recently upgraded is audio system with solutions from Bose Professional and Shure, with the equipment supplied by  NMK Electronics.

With the church’s multicultural environment, a flawless auditory experience was of the essence, and Satin AV adeptly incorporated an assortment of Bose Professional products, including the Panaray MSA12X modular steerable array loudspeakers, of which eight units were installed.

The self-powered digital beam-steering units feature twelve 2.25-in full-range transducers and a frequency range of 58 Hz – 18 kHz, and its 160° horizontal coverage ensures sound dispersion throughout the church.

In addition to the MSA12X, Satin AV also utilised three Bose Professional AMS115 Multipurpose Subwoofers, which are housed in a lightweight enclosure with ergonomic handles, an M20 threaded pole mount, and 12 M10 suspension points, making it a versatile choice for the space.

To further elevate the church’s auditory ambiance, Satin AV integrated 28 pairs of Bose Professional DesignMax DM6SE Surface-mounted Loudspeakers in the outdoor setting, employing a harmonious blend of both horizontal and vertical installations.

The IP55 outdoor rating, coupled with the discreet QuickHold U-bracket, ensured a swift and steadfast setup, reflecting Satin AV’s commitment to excellence and precision.

Rounding off the Bose products are the PM8500N (2 units), EX-1280C, and PA300A (5 units) amplifiers.


Transitioning to the domain of microphones, Shure’s offerings stood out, with choirs, announcements, and podium speeches now having the benefit of Shure Gooseneck microphones – a combination of MX418D, MX418S/C, and MX202B/C.

These microphones, known for their impeccable clarity and durability, are aptly complemented by the Shure SLXD system with handheld transmitters.

Joy Jacob, the project lead from Satin AV, said: “Our recent collaboration with St. Mary’s has been immensely gratifying. Parishioners’ feedback about the heightened sound quality, courtesy of Bose and Shure solutions, has been overwhelmingly positive. Since the project began, we have been dedicated to completing it with the highest level of perfection and to provide the church with the highest quality and premium sound experience.”

With the integration of such high-grade products, St. Mary’s Church assures its large congregation of an enhanced spiritual experience during every service.

Jithin Jose, Brand Manager at NMK Electronics, said: “Our association with Satin AV has been exemplary. Their professionalism and dedication in choosing and integrating top-notch solutions, particularly from Bose and Shure, have indeed been commendable. We’re proud to be associated with this endeavour.”