SOUNDKING GROUP Founds European Branch

One of China’s most known international audiovisual players has founded a European branch. SOUNDKING EUROPE will open in Germany in April 2019. Industry-known audio specialist Markus Falter has been appointed as the new general manager and will be responsible for the European B2B sales network as well as for the groups global marketing strategy.

In October 2018, SOUNDKING GROUP´s president and owner Mr Xianggui Wang has appointed Mr Markus Falter as the new General Manager for the group’s European B2B branch. The new subsidiary is located in Deggendorf and includes business management, R&D, product management and a large-scaled technology showroom.

“The expansion to Europe is a first step towards uniting the best of both worlds: SOUNDKING audiovisual first-mover technology systems and innovations from in Germany. With Mr Falter, we found the perfect match for this role. He has gained superb experience in management, marketing, international B2B sales and acoustic engineering all across the globe for more than 23 years in the field of Pro Audio markets. Effective immediately, he covers a highly responsible double role in our group. Mr Falter is responsible for the whole European B2B sales network as well as for the groups global marketing strategy.”, president Wang said.

Markus Falter who most recently worked for NOVA is ready to take on the task: “The new European subsidiary will act as a visionary bridge between Europe and SOUNDKING in China. US magazine MUSIC TRADES ranked SOUNDKING to position 28 among 225 enterprises of the global Pro Audio & MI industry. Together we will continue this amazing growth story.”