In the heart of Dubai’s ‘Design District’, known for its glitzy, avant-garde global fashion and design, sits SKY2.0, one of the latest luxury superclubs to appear in the Middle East. SKY2.0, the newest addition to Sky Management’s portfolio of premium hospitality venues, has been designed to plunge club goers into a completely immersive experience with a re-vamped audio system courtesy of Bose Professional.

Given the unique architecture of the venue, a spectacular stand-alone structure designed by French architect, Michelle Sarfati, it’s as though SKY2.0 has just landed right in the desert from the realms of outer space. Its warped UFO design is as mind-boggling as the interior production and Saturday’s sell out DJ sets. The semi-open dome reveals several luminous outline spiralling metal volutes, and is punctuated with hundreds of carefully placed projectors attached to the structure, inundating the site with light beams

The technology used in the installation was an integrated audio solution from Bose Professional, that had to match the visual delights, no matter where guests were inside the space.

System integrators, Antaki Group, worked closely with Bose Professional to design the new system using Bose Modeler Design software. To provide a chest-pounding club experience, the system used a carefully designed mix of Bose Professional ShowMatch loudspeakers. In total, the system consisted of 24 ShowMatch array loudspeakers with DeltaQ technology. Distributed in four main clusters and backed up with eight RoomMatch RMS218 VLF-subwoofers to extend the low frequency response in the club, the venue was also equipped with 12 LT-Series loudspeakers featuring the Bose V2 Midrange Manifold, which sums the output of two 4.5-inch cone drivers to provide a smooth, natural vocal range response.

The entire club sound system is powered by six Powersoft X8 amplifiers and managed using Bose Professional’s ControlSpace EX1280C, this meant that the audio system could have separate volume controls. All audio signals also go through a fully redundant Dante network, the result enduring no acoustic dead-spots or reverb issues.

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