Skip Welch Appointed New Danley Director of Sales & Marketing

Danley Sound Labs, manufacturer of maverick acoustician Tom Danley’s patented point-source loudspeaker and subwoofer designs – has announced that Skip Welch, currently Director of Sales, will leverage his experience and perspective in that role to take on additional responsibilities as head of marketing. Skip’s new combined title will be Director of Sales & Marketing.

“Skip spent his first seven years at Danley in the roles of Eastern Regional Manager and National Sales Manager,” said Jeff Pulliam, General Manager at Danley Sound Labs. “He knows the audio industry inside and out and understands the unique and growing niche that Danley holds within it. That, together with his native marketing sense and artistic abilities, make Skip the perfect person for the new role of Director of Sales & Marketing.”

Skip added: “Although the pro audio industry, like so many industries, is facing difficult times, Danley is looking to the future with new projects and innovative technologies. Our team is energized and excited! I look forward to assisting the team and to spreading the word that Danley’s unique solutions are a big win-win for integrators, clients, and anyone who loves great audio. I would encourage my colleagues in the industry to be on the lookout for what Danley has in store!”