Sheraton Kuwait Upgrades with Sennheiser Audio Solutions

In a move that has significantly enhanced the meeting and conferencing experience of its corporate customers, the Sheraton Kuwait has upgraded to the latest wireless conferencing system from Sennheiser. Implemented across the property’s two large ballroom-style conference facilities as well as its many meeting rooms of varied sizes, the audio specialist’s ADN-W system delivers crystal clear audio conferencing with the convenience of
flexible and secure wireless connectivity.

Intuitiveness and customer satisfaction were top of mind for 5-star hotel as Eng. Mohamed Monieb, Maintenance Manager at Sheraton Kuwait explained: “Our hotel’s world-class facilities meet the needs of very large to extremely intimate gatherings and the wireless conferencing system allows the equipment to also be ‘right-sized’ exactly as per customer requirements.”

Especially beneficial for Eng. Monieb and his team has been the system’s ability to eliminate the RF interference issues that plagued the microphone system they had previously utilised. “Prior to selecting Sennheiser, we conducted a test between ADN-W, our existing system and another manufacturer’s solution and this not only demonstrated vastly superior sound quality, but also convincingly addressed our concerns around interference,” he explained. It is the ADN-W’s ability to hop between frequencies in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz ranges that makes this performance possible.

Robust and reliable wireless connectivity was also assured through the direct involvement of Sennheiser’s team in the design and deployment of the antennas and central control units. Commenting on this expertise provided during design and implementation, Ryan Burr, Head of Technical Sales & Application Engineering, System Solutions at Sennheiser Middle East said: “The requirement from the Sheraton was quite complex as they wanted to be able to use the system in multiple rooms throughout their premises. Through meticulous planning and modelling, we settled on permanently locating the antennas and control units in three of the rooms and then providing a floating system with accompanying wireless microphone units that can be easily moved between
meeting rooms as required.”

As a simple ‘plug-n-play’ solution, ADN-W offers instant ease of use and is preloaded with powerful software that Sennheiser regularly updates for continuous improvement and extension of its state-of-the-art features. Conference participants can intuitively control ADN-W from the integrated PC simply by attaching a monitor and keyboard, or with a 3rd party media control system.The system also offers two USB ports that enable recording of conference audio onto connected drives or memory sticks.

Sennheiser, working together with its long-standing partner and distributor in Kuwait, aDawliah Electronics, commissioned the system and on the day the installation was completed itself, the Sheraton utilised the system for a high-profile event attended by the Ministers of Trade and Industry from across the Arabian region. “We have received very positive feedback from these as well as other clients who have been very satisfied using the new system,” said Eng. Monieb.