Røverstaden is First to Install DiGiCo SD12

Røverstaden claims first DiGiCo SD12 in Norwegian club market

Klubben i Røverstaden, Oslo is a new venue offering a broad range of concerts and club concepts. Earlier this year, it took delivery of the first DiGiCo SD12 system to be installed in a Norwegian club, supplied by DiGiCo’s Norwegian distributor, Scandec.

The current venue features the latest in technology, with the SD12 plus D2-Rack, DMI Dante and DMI Waves interface cards sitting at the centre of its audio system.

Andres noted that the flexibility of the SD12 and its ease of use have added to its appeal for the club. He added: “I have used most consoles on the market and this one is one of the quickest to learn, and there are so many features and possibilities that we discover new things all the time.”

Røverstaden Technical Manager Andres Verde explained: “We chose the SD12 because it’s a highly flexible console with premium audio quality, it also allows two engineers to work on the console at the same time, whilst its relatively compact footprint makes it perfect for Røverstaden. The fact that DiGiCo is highly accepted among international artists was also an important factor for us and our own engineers love it, too.”

Andres concluded: “The SD12 is a really reliable, stable console with an intuitive user interface and flexible system setup, having such a universally accepted console makes a massive difference to us and means that, whoever walks through our doors, we are confident they are going to have a first-class experience.”