EAW Adaptive Chosen For Rooftop Concert Venue in NYC

The Howard Hughes Corporation worked with SIA Acoustics who specified an EAW Adaptive System, installed by Anderson Audio and TMG Systems, to deliver pristine audio quality while keeping the sound contained to the rooftop listening area.

The Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) opened a new development in the South Street Seaport district, New York, July 2018. Pier 17 offers dining, retail and entertainment options along with a 1.5 acre rooftop concert space.

HCC brought in SIA Acoustics to identify and design a system to deliver pristine audio quality. An Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Adaptive sound reinforcement system was chosen.

SIA Acoustics worked closely with Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based Anderson Audio and TMG Systems, who teamed up for installation of the system. Left-right Anya arrays were hung in single columns of 12 Anya modules, approximately 35ft from the ground, along with 24 Otto subwoofers laid out in pairs, to blanket the rooftop.

Chris Anderson, owner of Anderson Audio explained: “In my opinion, there isn’t another system out there that could do this, each Anya enclosure has 22 channels of digital signal processing and amplification driving 22 transducers. Multiply that by 12 modules in each array, and you have the control to really dial it in, so it delivers exactly what is needed, where it is needed.”

Mark LaBouff, National Sales Manager, TMG Systems said: “The neighbours are happy, It’s very impressive when you walk in and out of the coverage area – the difference is incredible. There are two VIP areas technically ‘out of the coverage’ and it’s quiet enough to make a phone call. There were also some concerns about sound levels behind the stage travelling across the water to Brooklyn. Also, not a problem – the rear rejection of the system is substantial.”

Sam Berkow, owner of SIA Acoustics, concluded: “We found that EAW’s Adaptive Anya loudspeakers and Otto subwoofers were the combination that would help dramatically control coverage of sound, provide an impactful and tonally balanced sound to the audience, and be acceptable to most touring bands. So far everyone is in complete agreement.”