ROE Visual US Invests in Brompton Technology’s Hydra

ROE Visual US has received its anticipated purchase of a Brompton Technology Hydra system for its West Coast office in Chatsworth, Los Angeles.

Hydra can perform recalibration on all LED panels equipped with Brompton R2 controller cards. This means that the panels, once measured, will benefit from Version 3 of Brompton Tessera Processor software and be fully compatible with Brompton’s Dynamic Calibration technology, to allow greater brightness, improved colour gamut and, crucially, the ability to display HDR imagery.

“When we saw the Brompton Dynamic Calibration system in prototype form at LDI last year, we knew it was going to be a game changer, so we immediately placed orders to ensure that we would benefit from this technology as soon as it became available to the market,” said Frank Montero, General Manager of ROE Visual US. “We were delighted to learn that this system would not only work on new panels but on existing stock as well, meaning our current customers would gain a new lease of life on their original investments, making their decision to invest in ROE Visual LED panels even more attractive. We immediately added an additional system for our local office here in California.”

ROE Visual is passionate about using the latest technologies and making these available for its clients, and the long-term partnerships it has formed have been based on this principle. With this in mind, it was essential to bring the Hydra system to its client base in North America at the earliest opportunity.

“We have been working closely with Brompton over the last few weeks to get our camera up and running. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we are now pleased to announce we will be doing the first re-calibrations of customer panels this Fall making HDR available on new and old panels alike,” Montero continued. “Although the pandemic has been very tough for many of our customers, the enforced down time for inventories does give a window to perform this work. We hope that, if the outlook picks up in 2021, those customers who are able to invest in their inventory in this way will recoup the benefit of being HDR ready.”

The team at Brompton Technology is equally delighted that ROE Visual US is investing its time and effort to bring a full re-calibration service to its Brompton customers in North America.

“By combining the repair and maintenance facilities of ROE Visual with a purpose built calibration lane at the Chatsworth facility, we are confident ROE Visual US will offer a premium service to those customers choosing to upgrade their panels like this,” commented Senior Business Development Manager at Brompton Technology, Rob Fowler. “When we first discussed their Hydra back in November, we always anticipated being on the ground to assist with the first measurements, but the COVID-19-enforced travel restrictions have prohibited much of that. Despite this, the ROE Visual and Brompton calibration teams have worked side-by-side over video conferencing to get the camera commissioned. This is testament to the good working relationships we share between our companies.”