ROE Visual Brings Grand Foyer at the Star Casino to Life

The Star Casino in Sydney has unveiled its immersive indoor light and water display, featuring a huge crescent-shaped video screen based on Black Onyx LED panels by ROE Visual.

The Grand Foyer experience at the Star Casino in Sydney, combines LED screens, Aquatic Water fountains, lasers, light and live performances to offer an interactive arrival experience for its approx. 20 thousand guests that pass through the foyer every day.

Big Screen Projects were commissioned to supply the LED equipment for the refurbishment of the Grand Foyer, the total immersive installation amounting to a 22-million-dollar investment for the Star Casino.

For this project, Big Screen Projects have been working together with lighting specialists Ramus Illumination, who specialize in the design of grand-scale theatrical experiences that encourage public engagement.

The screen showcases the works of Australian artists, university students, cinematographers and animators, the content reacting dynamically to the real-world environment and human movement, encouraging guest interaction.

“Creating an installation that combines architecture, contemporary art and technology,” stated Dino Mezzatesta, the Star Sydney chief operating officer, the inspiration behind the artworks was drawn from The Star’s proximity to the busy Sydney Harbor shoreline.

“With The Star Sydney Grand Foyer experience, which is part light, part water and part digital art gallery, we wanted to design an experience full of compelling encounters that enrich the journey,” commented Bruce Ramus, who heads Ramus Illumination, “we envisioned a beautiful, unifying space that embraces and welcomes all people, and we believe we’ve achieved this .”

Big Screen Projects are Australia’s industry leaders in the LED display market. They provide large format commercial displays and outdoor and indoor video walls for a variety of applications. Aiming to provide their clients with the best solution for their needs, each project is approached with the goal that the solution must live up to the promise of a “long life” technology.

For the 25-meter-long, 8K resolution and crescent-shaped screen in the Grand Foyer, Big Screen Projects selected the ROE Visual Black Onyx LED panels. As Toby Waley, from Big Screen Projects stated: “The choice for ROE Visual hardware on this project was an easy one, the product needed to be proven in the field, with a track record of reliability. The Black Onyx BO3 range was the only product that stacked up to all of the project requirements, including the use of custom triangular modules.”

The total screen measures 56 panels wide and max. 10 panels high. Using half, quarter and triangular panels, a nice flowing slope is created in the total screen.  Big Screen Projects created a custom mounting frame, to be able to create the horizontal slope as well as the inward curve of the complete screen, guaranteeing a perfect fit and flawless canvas. The total installation runs on two ROE Visual Z6 4K processors.

Next to the screen, Big Screen Projects used ROE Strip to highlight the curved ceiling panels and walls. “The strip used on the walls and in the ceiling looks incredible. The flexibility of the ROE Strip gave us the possibility to neatly follow the line of the curved panels,” commented Toby.