Robe Lighting strengthens presence in North Africa

Terry Di Isernia will take on a new role in the Robe France subsidiary, co-ordinating customer and commercial relations for the whole of French North Africa – Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia – in addition to continuing as a salesperson for southern France.

The move by Robe Lighting France is to develop and strengthen the brand’s business,
opportunities, and presence in North Africa generally, and specifically in these important
French-speaking countries, recognise the potential of the region.

Terry has been working as an invaluable part of the Robe Lighting France team since 2019 and is delighted to be taking on this new and exciting role in addition to his existing one.

The role is a perfect integration of what he’s already been doing across southern France and will offer great continuity for these dynamic countries, all with their own style, culture, and unique environments.

The scope of Terry’s work will include discussing and pitching for new and potential projects with customers, and in particular defining their fixed installation market more clearly, as well as proposing inventive and imaginative technical solutions involving Robe and Anolis
products that can be adapted to meet specific needs.

Terry was keen to take on this new role following his experience in international entertainment and architainment markets, both as a co-ordinator and from his experience in the field, coupled with his wide knowledge of all the product ranges.

He will also work with his extensive contacts in the region – lighting designers, technicians,
venue managers, etc. to seek out potential new commercial and creative partnerships.

Terry noted that today’s French North African market works closely in some activities – like
music and culture – happening across France, and these now totally independent countries
are all considered ‘emerging’.

Being French-speaking, there is some shared economic, social and political history and day-to-day communication will be smooth and streamlined.

Given his vast experience and great empathy with people and places, Terry was an obvious
choice to spearhead this expansion of Robe Lighting France’s direct sphere of influence.

In addition to great enthusiasm and excellent interpersonal and communication skills, Terry
brings new and unique perspectives and technical knowledge to the table and will continue to operate from Robe Lighting France in mainland France in the immediate future.

His work will include bringing Robe’s knowledge and visions to the stage, entertainment, and architectural lighting markets in these three countries, where there is a large demand
particularly in the fixed installation market.

Commenting on the new role, Terry stated: “It’s very exciting to be active in North Africa,
there is a massive energy there. Being based in the south of France, regular visits will be
easy and it’s important to reach out and learn first-hand more about the various markets and players.”

Robe France has already been involved in some great projects in North Africa including an
installation at the new studios of 2M TV Morocco in Casablanca.

Setting up a dedicated operation solidifies this basic strategic presence. Terry will use
his technical background and knowledge to “support clients on projects from start to finish,
including advising on product choices, implementation, programming and ongoing
maintenance., etc. – the full-service package,” he confirmed.

Bruno Garros, managing director of Robe Lighting France, stated: “We are delighted to offer customers in the French North African market a comprehensive and continuous range of services, support and expertise from the French subsidiary with this new setup!”